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Hello everyone !

Here's my first attempt on creating some kind of poster for my stories, using Photoshop cs5 with my best friend who's working with it for some years now.

Title, cast and stories are all mine. I admit I obviously inspired from the official franchise for some elements that are more tributes than any other thing.

<a href=""; target="_blank"><img src=""; border="0" alt=" photo Affiche_Love_Virus_zpsfea4a1e8.jpg"/></a>

"Love Virus" synopsis (2010)

Sent in North Korea to detect a traffic of weapons and diamonds, 007 came back safely even though the mission ended badly : some smugglers and official diamonds representatives suddenly died during his extraction, while others were shot dead. In London, he meets 009 who will share the upcoming mission : investigate about future terrorist attacks in West Europe that need few equipment. Bond and his new colleague will carry their guns between South Africa, USA, Cuba, Namur (in the Casino) and Munich. Knowing soon after that late smugglers were dead due to mysterious pharmaceuticals...Meanwhile, a young woman, Lotus Open Legs, chemist in a pharmaceutical company, is fired right now, without reasons by the boss...

Main Cast (in an alternate reality)

James Bond 007 : Pierce Brosnan
Lotus Open Legs : Olivia Wilde
Girl in the Casino : Audrey Tautou
Girl that appeared during transaction : Elisha Cuthbert
M : Dame Judi Dench
Q : John Cleese
Bill Tanner : Michael Kitchen
Moneypenny : Samantha Bond
009/head of terrorists : Hugh Jackman
Trésor-Désiré N'gumulu : Samuel L. Jackson
Daryl De Clerk : Don Cheadle
Sharon Hardbutt : Angelina Jolie
Dr Blues : Alice Taglioni
Dr Nurse : Hugh Laurie

...James Bond will return in "0:07 Seconds to Death" (2011)


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