Corgi Aston Martin DB5

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I am looking on eBay for a second hand Corgi 270 Aston Martin DB5 to restore.
But can somebody tell me how to see the difference between a #270 and #96655 ?


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    Well if you larryman in the Corgi Web they are still making that most favourite Classic original 007 mobile. I got 2 of the Goldfinger/Thunderball Aston Martin DB5 driven by Sean Connery in 2 movies. & The Casino Royale DB5 which Daniel Craig drove in Bahamas. Well I got all The Classic DB5 including Minichamps & the James Bond cars issue.
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    Actually I also have quite some of the newer Corgi DB5's, the Minichamps, the AutoArt and JB Car Collection issues. I also have the first Corgi DB5 #261 which I restored. Now I want to restore the second Corgi issue which is the #270. The #96655 is a remake of the 270. I just want to know how I can see the difference between both issues, if these come unboxed.
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    I never seen the Corgi JB models for sale here in the USA :-((
  • Hi larryman, new member here so just seen your post, a few little differences however easiest way to tell is on the baseplate, No 96655 will state " Made in China" where as 270 will state," Made in Gt Britain " , hope this helps. JBA
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    You probably won't have to restore it if it is a 96655 model, as this was a modern re-release and most will still be in the reproduction packaging. If you do find a tatty example of a 261 or a 270 at a toyfair or car boot sale, you can restore it... but it's probably not an ideal model to start on, as it is quite complex to restore due to the three working mechanisms. However, if there are missing pieces, you can buy reproductions from Steve Flowers Parts. There are articles in Diecast Collector magazine giving tips on restoring models.
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