'The gambits of the enemy' - The MI6 Chess Thread

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If there are any chess enthusiasts out there, this is the thread for you! A serius James Bond forum needs a chess thread, and now, with an epic world championship match between Carlsen and Anand shaping up, seems like an appropriate moment to introduce it.

Its no secret that Ian Fleming had a fascination for the game, and occasionally wrote about it in his novels, most notably in From Russia With Love. You can find some excerpts in this excellent article: http://www.chess.com/blog/billwall/off-the-wall-chess---from-russia-with-love Fleming would use chess as a fitting analogy for the 'Russian inteligence machine':

"These Russians are great chess players. When they wish to execute a plot, they execute it brilliantly. The game is planned minutely, the gambits of the enemy are provided for. They are foreseen and countered...I have a feeling that you and I and this girl are pawns on a very big board - that we are being allowed our moves because they do not interfere with the Russian game."

Even more famous for most Bond fans is the game between Kronsteen and his adversary in the film with the same name.

More of a trivia note though, is that the game is a replication of Boris Spassky's famous victory over an other soviet chess legend, David Bronstein in Leningrad 1960:

I don't know if this will catch on, but there are many potential things to discuss here. It could be Fleming's fascination with the game, its influence on the world of Bond or the scene in the film. It could be the current events or development in the world of chess, like the current World Championship match. Or you can ramble about own experiences, impressions or opinions with or about the game in general. Everything is allowed!

If you are interested in watching the World Championship, you can stream it for free at this website: http://www.sochi2014.fide.com/


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    I used to play chess in school but I stopped a long time ago. I never put much effort into it but I used to really like it!
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    Sandy wrote: »
    I used to play chess in school but I stopped a long time ago. I never put much effort into it but I used to really like it!

    You could always make a 'comeback' you know! ;) I also stopped more or less completely in my early teens, but I've rediscovered some of the interest recently. The great thing about chess is that it can be enjoyed on so many levels. There are those who worship it as a lifestyle or a sport even, but also those who enjoy a few games to pass time ones in a while. I'd recommend watching some of the coverage of the World Championship! Its much more interesting than many might think, and I enjoy it immensely although I by no means could be considered an expert.
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    So here is an analyzis of game 2, if anyone's interested...

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