"Fargo" (FX/MGM, 2014 - present)

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I must say....I'm hooked. I've always been a fan of the Coen brothers. And I still think the movie "Fargo", full of bored looking, and therefore adorable, mixtures of protagonists/antagonists (William H. Macy, Frances McDormand), is still one of their best movies.

Now I saw the first 7 episodes of season 1. And I think especially Billy Bob Thornton and Allison Tolman really are my favourite characters. Also glad to see that the Coen brothers are onboard as creative consultants and executive producers.

Also lovely to see that so many big Hollywood actors nowadays see how wunderful it can be to star in well-written TV-series (Think about "True Detective", "Boardwalk Empire", "House Of Cards", "The Americans")


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