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  • chrisisall
    I have to admit that your positive take on Trump has kind of limited my participation here. The political discussion thread was terminated, and I am frankly a bit soured on this site mainly because of the idea that Bond is seen as a positive fascist element of the world in line with Putin and Erdogan disgusts me. You said to give Trump a chance... well he failed BIGLY. I respect your reviews of movies more than I can express, yet this political stuff makes me think you are somehow psychologically unhinged.... unless you just never got the chance to take back your pro-Trump ideas because of the thread's end. Okay, just checking in. Make me happy in a response, make me sad, or do not reply at all... life goes on.
    June 12
    • The_Donald
      So you retreat because someone has a different opinion to you? Sounds like a modern day 'liberal'.
  • Mendes4Lyfe
    What happened?
    February 24
    • bondjames
      Sorry, missed your post. I don't follow what you mean. About what?
    • Thunderfinger
      Who s on first.
  • jake24
    A fellow Torontonian?
    January 21
    • bondjames
      I have a home base in Toronto, but spend a lot of time in the US on work. I don't highlight it much because I've lived in a lot of places and so really feel like more of a citizen of the world. I grew up in the UK (where perhaps my heart still is), and have also lived in Africa and the USA (where my political and commercial interests lie) in addition to Canada. In terms of places where I would love to live (and often visit), both Eastern and Western Europe are my favourites. In a way, that's what drew me to Bond - his globe trotting ways.
    • jake24
      Keeping life interesting. I like it!
  • chrisisall
    Okay, BE a fucking asshole. Whatever.
    November 2016
    • bondjames
      Sorry, that's what you've been doing. Perhaps you don't realize it. It's not my style to be whatever you called me, but you've certainly earned the monicker
    • Murdock
      Stop it both of you. Stop it. You're like...boys with toys.
  • ClarkDevlin
    Hey there, mate. Stopped by here in order not to derail that thread. Regarding Transporter: The Series, if you're looking for a first great impression moment from the actor, try either of the first season episodes: "The General's Daughter", "Trojan Horsepower", or "Chercez La Femme" (my personal favourite). The latter, especially, will do the trick as it's the most film-like episode in the series.
    November 2016
    • bondjames
      Sorry, I missed your post yesterday. Thanks for letting me know about Transporter. I will try to search out those episodes. I really liked the films so I'm sure I'll enjoy these.
    • ClarkDevlin
      No problem. Glad I can help. One thing I'll also tell you though is not to look at it the way you view the films. It's not that over-the-top. Approach it with a TV Series medium instead, and it'll work better.
  • patb
    Even though I enjoy reading all of the posts, over the years, I have come to respect (and mostly agree) with the views of a handful of members and you are in that list. I tend to get the picture that we like the same type of Bond an appreciate more grown up movies etc.
    On that basis, IF, you have the time, please take a look at the Bond screenplay that I recently posted in "fan creations", only one review so far but he says its "the best fan fiction he has ever read" which is nice , nothing is perfect. 80 pages is a big effort and I get the impression that you have a busy life but if you can spare the time, I would be very interested in your thoughts (it is based after SF), cheers Pat
    August 2016
  • Sark
    We seem to think alike on a lot of things!
    December 2014