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This is thread is for (i presume) a minority group among us who love old skool bollywood films. I'm probably the only one here. I'm going to compare and contrast old an new actors.

First up is one of my fav bollywood actors: Shammi Kapoor 1931 - 2011

One of the greatest 'hero actors' ever. Ushered in a new era of Bollywood films - made rom-coms the staple diet for Bollywood for the next 50 years. No one bettered him (imo) in this role. They are some new pretenders which we will contrast but he ad class, sophistication in abundance. His influence is now even seen in the realms of global advertising campaigns for big brands. I love him.



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    I think he was not the best but one of the best. The appropriate sentence would be that no one can better Raj Kapoor ever.
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    I've dropped this into Movies and TV
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