Bankrupt Saab call in the receivers, Gardner's 007 car up for auction

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Bankrupt car manufacturer Saab is calling in the receivers to liquidate all assets, and that means selling off their entire museum collection of vehicles.

While the Swedish company is known for reliable cars worldwide, it is also known to James Bond fans as the marque of choice for author John Gardner in his 007 continuation novels. <a href="">The car was dubbed the "silver beast"</a>.

A 1981 Saab Turbo 900 (chassis number #17901) custom-equipped for the fictional British agent with bullet-proof windows and tires, tear-gas ducts and a "SAAB 007" license plate is amongst the 131 vehicles going under the hammer this Friday.

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Although all the gadgetry is in place, the car is not drivable let alone road legal in Sweden.

Peter Backstrom, director of the museum in Trollhatten, said the collection is now closed except to serious bidders.


  • CommanderRossCommanderRoss The bottom of a pitch lake in Eastern Trinidad, place called La Brea
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    Sad story, that. Never saw that car though, when I visited the museum in 2004. Lovely collection of cars, with some very interesting concept cars too.. Hope they keep the collection together!
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    In that case, I hope to win a lottery in the next few days and purchase a 1981 Saab 900 Turbo with the licence plate reading 'SAAB 007'...
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe Moderator
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    I'll be sad to see Saab go, as they've made some good cars.
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    I wander who will purchase it? Aand for how much? And if in this country? Would it go on display?
  • DiscoVolanteDiscoVolante Stockholm, Sweden
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    Yep it's saddening. SAAB 900 is so ugly though, how could Gardner choose it for Bond? :-SS
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    Yep it's saddening. SAAB 900 is so ugly though, how could Gardner choose it for Bond? :-SS

    Was wondering that myself. I remember seeing plenty of them on the roads and never once thought 'Bond car'.
  • JamesPageJamesPage Moderator, Director
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    <a href="">As MI6 reported last week</a>, the entire collection of Saab automobiles held by the company's museum in Sweden was put up for auction as the bankrupt automaker was being liquidated. James Bond's 1981 Saab 900 Turbo, nicknamed the "<a href="">silver beast</a>", which featured in John Gardner's continuation novels, was one of the historical cars up for auction.

    <a href=""; target="_blank">TorqueNews</a> reports today that the museum is not going anywhere. It has been bought by the city of Trollhattan, Saab AB, and the Wallenberg foundation.

    As the site reminds readers, "the sale of 126 historic Saab vehicles was going to go to private collectors and the highest bidders for these vehicles. The bankruptcy administrators felt this would allow bankruptcy proceedings to continue by raising funds to cover the court costs".

    The city of Trollhattan, Saab AB, and the Wallenberg foundation, have put up 28 million Swedish kronor to buy the entire collection of historic Saab automobiles. (28 million kronor is roughly equivalent to $4.13 million US dollars).

    The museum will remain in Trollhattan, and will be run by the city and the regional government. Supposedly a collection of Saab enthusiasts will help run the museum as well, making sure all the cars stay in good shape for eager visitors.
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe Moderator
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    Now that's a nice ending. =D>
  • Samuel001Samuel001 Moderator
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    Good news this, you had to hope someone would come through for these cars in the end - sadly it wasn't me.
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