What is your favourite/least favourite Pre-Title-Sequence?

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Mine would have to be (in no specific order):

-I forget, but the movie with the skiing off the cliff w/ a British flag parachute

And many, many more, but basically, the pre-credit scene always ends up being the best, and the most spyish part of the Bond movies. (well, the more recent ones).


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    @JWESTBROOK: The one you forgot would be The Spy Who Loved Me.

    But anyway, a few of mine are:
    -GoldenEye (almost a mini-movie!)
    -The World is not Enough (same as above)
    -Tomorrow Never Dies (kick-butt action!)
    -Octopussy (could have been a separate Bond movie)
    -Moonraker (very satisfying)
    -Goldfinger (smooth, simple, and sophisticated)
    -Thunderball (same as above)
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    My top 5 are:

    001) TB
    002) TLD
    003) TSWLM
    004) GF
    005) OHMSS
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    Mine would be
    * GoldenEye- I happen to LOVE the music- it was so cool
    * Tomorrow Never Dies- better than the whole movie- it could have even potentially been the set up of a new Bond actor if the wanted (how they hide Bond's face)
    * Goldfinger- oh man, SO many classic Bond elements crammed into a few minutes: Tuxedo under wetsuit; 'shocking'; grappling hooks; if he only made an escape in his Aston Martin it would have shot the cool factor into overload and destroyed the entire universe!
    * The Spy Who Loved Me- The cheesy music does have its charm-- and Bond's escape with the Union Jack parachute was like a big middle finger to his Russian attackers, lol Major pimp-move!
    * Casino Royale-I love the b&w- what a cool way to introduce a new Bond for a new age; and I do love the 'homage' to the famous gunbarrel at the end- that was slick. (for the record, I do want a real one at the beginning again)
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    I've noticed that TSWLM usually gets on the list for best pre-title sequences. Personally, I've never really thought it to be the best; it's not that it was boring or anything, I just didn't find it to be completely satisfying.
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    Mine would be:-

    TSWLM - remains as fresh and exciting as in 1977. That was Queens silver jubilee year and when the union jack unfurled the entire audience cheered. Love the ice tunnels Bond is pursued through in that chase

    MR- "any higher Mr Bond my ears will pop.." classic situation and stunning aerial photography enhanced with a great John Barry score. The moment when he puts his hands by his sides and shoots fast down to the parachutists accompanied by the James Bond theme is exhilerating.

    FYEO - I have always loved this one. Beckton Gasworks provides a curiously eerie background to the helicopters aerial stunts. I love it when it goes inside the derlict building and the sound of the rotors becomes deafening. Also when the tables are turned, Bill Contis music starts up and the white persian cat snarls at the camera.

    TLD - very British situation. The war games on Girbraltar start with some lovely tension and Tims introduction with his face reacting to the aerial scream of a man is cracking. The arc of the landrover as it shoots over the cliff is also great.

    Never been a fan of GEs PTS. For a start you can see the cardboard cutouts of mountains and fake snow in the background as they race after that plane but that kerplunky music is so distracting. And the "mines a pint" and "For England James!" dialogue is so forced. Its a Californians idea of what the British say to each other. Its just not naturalistic and kicks me out of the film. Why didnt they just say "mind the gap" and be done with it.
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    GOLDENEYE gets me every time. EON were clearly looking to make a statement with it, announcing that Bond was back - and they succeeded.

    I also like TWINE's ... or I would, if the PTS ended before cutting to London. I just like the way the sequence in the banker's office is tight and low-key, and I think Bond's escape is one of the franchise's finest examples of Bond using his head to escape a situation, rather than simply having a gadget that Q gave him.
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    @shadowonthesun: Yeah, that bank escape was quite brilliant! I wouldn't have minded at all if it had ended after that. However, the film makers thought it wasn't enough, but whatever. Good stuff nonetheless!
  • My top 3 in no Particular order,

    Moonraker- Took over 80 jumps to film it. CGI can kiss my ass.

    Octopussy- I don't know why but the fact that it's completly unrelated tot he rest of the film gets points for me. Plus it's really fun.

    Casino Royale- After over a decade on suffering through Brosnan's overly long, drawn-out, machine gun heavy pre title sequences the Bond series finally goes back to it's gritty roots. The Bond/Dryden exchange is very reminicent of Dr.No. No fancy stunts or effects here. Just Bond at his coldest and best.
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    Nobody else likes the QoS pre-title? I happen to love the quick cuts at the beginning b/w the lake and the car; a sort of contast b/w natural beauty and man made beauty. And then BAM, one of the best car chases in a movie in forever (even though ALOT don't like it for whatever reason) and then it ends with a smooth "Its time to get out" accompanied by the perfect smirk. Too bad that trash of a song followed, (not to mention a relatively forgettable Bond movie).

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    I love the two Craig ones, the dark gritty CR and the brilliant car chase (for reasons mentioned above) of QOS.

    I love TB, FYEO,TND,TWINE for brilliant takes on the classic text book formula

    OHMSS & TLD are perfect ways of introducing their respective bonds
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    I did leave out the TND PTS, regrettably.

    Only issue I have is it set up for such a better movie than what was produced. How you went from Slovak terrorists (I think) to some decryptor (which was half-assed explained) to China (which played no major role, just a un-needed setting) to some media mogul that *just happens* to be married to an ex mistress of Bond. Plus the invulnerable car that should way like 70 tonnes for its capabilities, and the most coincidental gadget uses (the unlocking the car with the phone but really zaps the bad guy). The movie was ONE BIG FACEPALM for what the PTS offered.

    But lets stay on topic, TND PTS was very good.
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    Some of my favorites:

    - I always get goosebumps watching Goldfinger's pre-titles sequence. It flows so well and John Barry's music is top notch.

    - The Spy Who Loved Me, naturally. A great ski chase only to be concluded with one of the best stunts ever filmed.

    - The Living Daylights has a great intro to Mr. Dalton and a great action sequence with the jeep.

    - GoldenEye's pre-title sequence is so good, even with that ridiculous plane jump thing.

    - Casino Royale's is short and over almost before you know it, but I really love the black and white more than I probably should. It is low key, but very, very stylish.

    - Quantum of Solace's pre-titles have split some of us, but I think it's the best action scene in the film and one of the best car chases in the series. (Yes even with the editing!!!!)
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    Nobody else likes the QoS pre-title?
    I don't mind it. I think it gets a bad rap for the over-use of quick cuts and steadicam (but if you watch closely, the steadicam is only used when the camera is inside the Aston Martin and the car takes a hit). The idea is to create a sense of confusion and adrenaline, the way a real car chase might feel. And this is a motif that is carried on throughout the film. It's a bit like Shakespeare - you don't have to understand every line in order to understand what is happening. Here, too, you do not need to see all the details of the chase to be able to follow it. I think it's used quite effectively, both in the film and throughout (with one notable exception: when Bond uses the anchor to flip the final boat in the chase through the Haiti harbour; I'm still a little unclear as to exactly what it is that he does), and I believe that if it were shot in a much more conventional sense, then a lot of the atmosphere would be lost.

    And the sequence probably has one of the best openings - the flashes of the Aston, with the orchestra stopping to allow the engine note to rip through - in the entire franchise.
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    Thunderball with that at the time,1965, amazing jet pack.
    In fact to this day that jet pack is still fantastic.
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    Well here is my list:

    1° GoldenEye
    2° From Russia with love
    3° Thunderball
    4° Goldfinger
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    1) Thunderball
    2) The Living Daylights
    3) Goldfinger
    4) The Spy Who Loved Me
    5) For Your Eyes Only
    6) Goldeneye
    7) Casino Royale
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    - Thunderball
    - Casino Royale
    - The World is not Enough

    I would like better QoS's PTS if it had included the gun barrel.
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    Do you guys think this whole B23 train sequence will be the PTS, or something more plot centered?

    All excellent :)
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    I think that Die Another Day's pre-title sequence set-up the movie to be really great, but we know where that ended up.
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    1> TLD
    2> CR
    2> GE
    3> TWINE
    4> OHMSS
    5> GF
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    * No gunbarrel at the start and for TV there mess with studio logo's at the beginning of both movies too. With QOS on tv there don't give the end gunbarrel because it is part of the end credits. Iam not sure or the studio logo's wil be back, but iam sjure the gunbarrel wil be show on tv when it return at the start.

    From all 21 Twine, OHMSS, GE, TSWLM, TLD, FYEO and GF be one of my classic favorites. I like the one from QOS i think i rank it 16/21 with only winning from AVTAK, FRWL, TMWTGG, MR & CR.

    Bond in a white tuxedo and stil some of the humor Bond from FRWL made that i like the one from GF and be a big part of the rest of GF be a disapointed. The one from OHMSS of course because of the myserie of the person in the car scene and one of the best scores of John Barry.

  • This'll be a good one to finish on this night.

    Best Bond teaser ?

    well, it won't be Casino Royale :L

    I always thought The World Is Not Enough was the most intriguing, plenty to keep the viewer busy, even if Bond rolling off the top of the (soon to be) White Elephant Millenium Dome (they thought it was a good idea at the time) was a bit questionable

    Got to mention TND, that was a really good intro, and it had Sheryl Crow with the title song too, all said, a worthwhile introduction

    One I really dislike is A View To A Kill, utter garbage as Moore skies about and does somersaults to Beach Boys hits, WTF were they thinking

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    Hmmm for me the top 5 ,in no particular order would be :

    TB (Not the edited version - the actual one where he breaks Bouvars' neck with the poker)
    DAF (Why oh why didn't the film carry on like this !!)

    Honourable mention to TSWLM,MR and OP.
  • Only one really and it has to be - Goldfinger.

    Everything else just copied it.

    The mini-operation. The killer lines. The tux. The foxy lady etc. And of course Connery.

    OHMSS - for its ground breaking nod and a wink.

    TLD and LTK come in close.
  • thunderball
    spy who loved me
    four your eyes only
    tomrow never dies
    world is not enough
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    From Russia With Love, Thunderball. Many are often the best parts of the films. Case in point, The Spy Who Loved Me.
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    Nobody else likes the QoS pre-title? I happen to love the quick cuts at the beginning b/w the lake and the car; a sort of contast b/w natural beauty and man made beauty. And then BAM, one of the best car chases in a movie in forever (even though ALOT don't like it for whatever reason) and then it ends with a smooth "Its time to get out" accompanied by the perfect smirk. Too bad that trash of a song followed, (not to mention a relatively forgettable Bond movie).

    I personally feel that the PTS to QoS could have been great and a worthy contender had Forster dispensed with the rather lame idea of the audience experiencing the frenetic motions Bond himself was experiencing.
  • I would have to go back through them to get 'the Top list', but i can definately say that 'GoldenEye' is my favourite, it is 007 and always brilliantly exciting!

    I like most of the bond pre-title sequences, and are among the few who loved QoS's opening (That, to me is a masterpiece!)
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    I simply wish the movies could carry the often epic, spyish, GOOD feel of their PTS's.

    And yes, Goldeneye is so good, it nearly hurts. You don't blink during that entire shot. And the squeaky wheel.. GENIUS!
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