Characters who need more screen time

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Bill Tanner and Felix Leiter share a curse: there’s not much you can do with them. Or at least the way the writers who write the stories haven’t which is a shame. They always feel like a waste of great cinematic characters. It’s always focused on 007, M, Q and Moneypenny. We talk about how MI6 has helped 007 too much. I feel that it’s time for Felix and Tanner to get more in the field. If M could pull off her own movie (Skyfall) and his comic book story and Leiter can handle his own comic book series, why give both characters screen time in the action with 007?
P.S I’m still waiting for May the housekeeper to make a cinematic appearance. I say wait until DC is done though. It can be a nice recurring character for the next 007 (with a more humorous portrayal in mind) to bounce off of. Like Q, Felix and Moneypenny.


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    Tanner and Leiter have always felt superfluous in the films, except in FYEO, LTK and CR.

    I want to see Mary Goodnight return.
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    I'm not sure I follow about more screen time. I mean Felix has appeared in quite a few of the films. I don't think we need more of him on screen. I think what we might enjoy seeing is a social dinner between Bond and Leiter while on a mission. LALD teased this until Bond's table sunk to the floor. I like the continuity of the same actor playing the role but don't feel we need to see more of the character in the films.

    As for Tanner, not really sure what you could do with him. I don't believe in the books he appears out in the field with Bond. There are allusions to a friendship between the two men, but to have him out in the field I think would be a little jarring. You could use him as a buffer between Bond and M. Help 007 stay on the right path and maybe cover for Bond during a mission. That might be nice to see.

    Other characters from the books, I enjoy the idea of Bond having a maid. But since Craig's Bond has a flat that looks like he's living out of boxes and doesn't seem to care about the state of his living space I don't think a maid would work. If the next Bond returns to a more glamorous life style then a maid would be a cute idea. May is a great character in the books. I could see a scene or two with her. Not sure if I would have her with the heavy Scottish accent. There is humour to be played with here.

    I can't see the double-o's having secretary's in this day and age. Plus with what they have already done with Moneypenny I don't think having his secretary coming out to the field would work well. Might look like a note that has already been played.
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    thedove wrote: »
    I can't see the double-o's having secretary's in this day and age.

    On the same note, having a female maid would not sit well either, since they're doing everything they can to not give women subservient roles these days

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    I want to see Mary Goodnight return.

    She's certainly been undercover a hell of a long time.


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