Is the Dr No dust jacket an underrated gem?

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IMHO, this is the most extraordinary jacket for its time not least because Fleming's name, by being printed in black, is barely visible. And then the subdued colours, and indistinct figure and background are contrary to any designs of the period. In its own way, it would have stood out as much as any Chopping cover - although these too were revolutionary at the time, and of course have stood the test of time.

Pat Marriott designed and illustrated the cover for Dr No (and Diamonds Are Forever) but she is now largely forgotten.


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    Yes, I'd agree that both her Bond covers are rather underrated perhaps because they are not quite as visually stunning as those by Richard Chopping. I still like them, though. The DAF one is my own personal favourite of the two Pat Marriott did.

    I'm also enjoying reading your blog, and it's an added spur to me to get back into blog writing again myself! :)
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    Both of Pat Marriott's covers are really interesting and quite different – not only from each other, but also from other Bond book covers. Would've been interesting to know more about why Fleming's name is printed in black for example, as having the authors name barely visible seems like a bold decision.
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