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The "World Events" thread wasn't designed to be an anti-Trump thread. It was supposed to be about, you know, world events. Obviously, that didn't pan out. Let's keep the ranting contained to this thread so "World Events" can have some variety. Thank you.


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    Not much variety going on over there. Like listening to the radio, the other day I heard a lengthy interview with an ornithologist who laid it on thick how the construction of Trump s wall would severely damage the local birdlife. Not a word about other construction sites in the world.
  • Obviously construction world-wide must immediately be halted. Ooops, sorry, I've already stepped beyond the confines of this thread. Make that, "all construction in America must immediately be halted." Better?
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    I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. But now the Democrats seem to have lost their minds. Oh well, I suppose I’ll vote for a third-party candidate in 2020.
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    Sorry fellas, we have been clear about this in the past.
    Exactly one politics thread on this James Bond forum: the world events thread. The Brexit thread is already a bit of a concession. The same debates will end up here and there no matter what; it has been proven time again that things turn out that way.
    Thank you for your understanding.
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