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    -Gunbarrel at beginning of film
    -Hat gag at Mi6 HQ
    -Return of Miss Moneypenny and Q
    -A bit of humor in Bond
    -Bond in a Commander uniform
    -Gambling and shagging just for the fun of it
    -Aston Martin DB5 being used
    -Walther P99's return after CR
    -Keeping M in her office back in HQ (Just leave 007 alone)
    -Return of '007' Theme
    -Possibly Connery, Moore, and Dalton as retired agents
    -Bond using his catchphraise

    Some things I really want in B23.
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    Privately I'd like to see Samantha Bond come back. I know thats not going to happen, and I don't know if her and Craig would get on as well as her and Brozza did, but I just loved her as Moneypenny and miss her very much.

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    Quoting BAIN123: Privately I'd like to see Samantha Bond come back
    Your wish is not so private anymore :)
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    Quoting jaguar007:

    Quoting BAIN123: Privately I'd like to see Samantha Bond come
    Your wish is not so private anymore :-)
    I know its not going to happen (and its probably best it doesn't) but she has a very English sassiness and a likeability that fits in with the Bond universe.
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    Let's just bring back Pierce Brosnan as well while we're at it, right BAIN123 ?
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    Quoting MajorDSmythe: IIRC from his dossier, Craig's Bond is ex-SAS (though given the way he acts, it's amazing they took him on / didn't drill that rebellion out of him) not a naval commander, so I don't think we'll be seeing Craigs Bond don the uniform like Connery, Moore & Brosnan. Though i'm not an expert on this, so I don't know for certain.
    Nope. According to Bond's dossier on Sony's old Casino Royale site, he attended the Royal Naval Academy when he was 17 and served in the Royal Navy until age 31. He served in the SBS (Special Boat Service, the naval equivalent of the SAS), and was promoted from Lieutenant to Lt. Commander during his stint in the 030 SFU (Special Forces Unit) of the SBS. He was recruited from SBS to the RNR Defence Intelligence Group, a transfer which was accompanied by a promotion to full Commander. After some time there, he was recruited by MI6, where he served on the British Embassy staffs in Kingston, Jamaica and then Rome, before being made a Mi6 mission specialist (read: black ops) working in countries around the world. After excelling in that position for some time, he was made a OO at the start of Casino Royale.

    (And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why notions of casting a twenty-something as a starting Double-O are absurd.)
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    Quoting CommanderJamesBond:
    -Bond being the right-wing arsehole he was always meant to be
    Larger than life villain and villainy
    Who in their right mind can argue with this? Sex, sadism, snobbery - thats what we want.

    Also would like to see some more inventive deaths with a one liner a la 'shocking, positively shocking', 'he had lots of guts' etc rather than Daniel just battering people to death (much as I like that as well).
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    Quoting AgentJamesBond007: -Hat gag at Mi6 HQ
    I want hats in general to come back in a big way.
  • I'm not sure about craig wearing a hat in a bond film...

    I would also like to see the return of money penny and q, but introduce them as new characters, since this is a reboot, it would just seem weird, and have bond and money penny meet for the first time, i'd like to see that :')
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    How about a villain who's a worthy adversary? Lately these guys have been understated and wimpy. I want to see Bond in danger -- "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." A lot more gratuitous sex and violence.
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    Casino Royale




    Bond 23: Propety Of A Lady / Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

    Going Up Together. From the one Crane to the other. Who Wil be the master in this game. Other locations, Previous CR/QOS locations: England, South Africa, Jamaica,(Port Au Prince).& Mexico. But that Asian country, Jamaica wil be the main location.It is based on what there whant to do with the water story. But it wil bring Bond back to Mexico at the end where i think he should pick the train to Bond 24 location. Hopefully the first Bond movie who get a Oscar. M feels like a Child in the water, but is a pink cloud. With 154 or 164 minutes the longest Bond movie.

    Bond 24: 007 in New York
    Up & Down together. Shaken bot not the stired iam right. Other locations: Las Vegas, QOS location: Mexico. England wil not be a main location for James Bond.

    Bond returns to one of the QOS locations and with a step he be in another country. As reference to Live and Let Die, Bond wil return to his best friend in New York and wil have a screentime of 116 minutes. From Asia to Aces Gamble, Bond girls and Q Find Another Place to meet.

    Bond 25: The Hildebrand Rarity ??


    James Bond wil be back to England. But playing time is over. Time for Commanderbond.


    My first thaught of the Bond 23 location not be Asian country but Africa.

    Blofeld his favorite place, now Quantum there favorite place. scratch:

    I think it is time Bond visit those locations of Asia, America, Africa and then return to Europe.

    Work song: Shirley Bassey presents

    MOD EDIT: Balje, those images are copyrighted. Please use links to them in the future. Thank you.
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    I know there's not alot of sarcasm about Balje's posts, but that is the most non-sensicle load of gibberish I have ever read.

    What on earth does "M feels like a child, but is a pink cloud" mean?
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    M_Balje and gibberish are not things I would associate. Genius is the first thought that enters my mind when reading his posts.
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    I think whatever we get will be completely different from what everyone here expects.
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    Quoting AgentJM7: What on earth does "M feels like a child, but is a pink cloud" mean?
    That, my good sir, is the question. I'm sure Balje is the first of us who dares to discuss M's sex life, for this is, without a doubt, a comment on M's sex life more than anything else. I'll leave the Freud to the rest of you.
  • @M_Balje - i've been through that three times and still don't understand what you're trying to say altogether :$ :')
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    I've just realised that we haven't seen the official Q branch since GoldenEye! Sure, there was the Q branches in the underground station, and in MI6's Scottish HQ - but nothing in the official HQ since Goldeneye.

    How I would love to see Bond flirting with Moneypenny, getting an unemotional and down-to-earth factual briefing from M, more flirting with Moneypenny, and then going to Q branch to get whatever is needed. And on that topic, it would also be quite interesting to see Bond's journey from, say, M's office to Q branch. It's not very important, but it would be interesting to see if EON have the imagination to create an extensive part of MI6 HQ.
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    All really great ideas, especially Tubes' post at the beginning of this thread. The one thing I will add is: get a new title sequence designer. I didn't care for the Tron looking CGI work done by MK12 for QOS.

    All of Daniel Kleinman's work for GE through CR were pretty strong and still reminiscent of Maurice Binder's iconic sequences. I don't see why they replaced him...

    Oh and bring back the female silhouettes for this scene as well
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    i only want one thing Morena Baccarin as the new Bond girl corrrrrrrrrrrrrr blimey.

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    If you think that's impressive, you should see her in "Firefly".
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    Just saw her in the mentalist - corrrrrr - I saw the Firefly movie which was fantastic - I prefer her with short hair. And she's a good actor to boot. If they are going to India again she has a hint of the exotic, even if it's a Vijay type role I'd be happy.

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    She's just as good in "Firefly" ... but it's a shame they never got to explore her character. There were a lot of big questions about some of the characters - most notably Shepherd Book and River - and the sub-plots they started for Inara never got fleshed out the way they deserved. The most popular theory is that she's actually very old and has taken some kind of drug to stop her from aging (as implied by a vial of black liquid that was never explained, a friend of hers saying that she looked as if she hadn't aged a day, and her comment that she does not want to ever die). Baccarin really could have pulled it off, I think. It's a shame she stuck in a silly series like "V".
  • LudsLuds MIA
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    V is a great story, or I should say, concept, that worked very well in 83-84 but was poorly written, poorly produced and very poorly acted in its 2009 reincarnation. Baccarin was one of the very few bright spots in the new V, her presence is without question the best thing about her acting. Also, cutting her silly looking long and curly hair was a brilliant move, she looks so much better with short hair for this specific strong female (evil) character. I'd like to see her in Bond as well, as a henchwomen.

    That being said, she's no more than a shadow, pun intended, next to the great Jane Badler as the original V queen, Diana.
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    Diana was a fox in that outfit and above all evil...i think Baccarin deserves more than a bit part - I'd like her to be an in and out (fnar fnar) ally or maybe a growing love interest, how Tracy was supposed to be in the good old days of Bond.



    gorgeous and she's has a touch of Jacqueline Pearce from Blake's 7 about her:


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    1) Judi Dench's M being killed off and replaced by Sir Miles Messervy.

    2) The wood panelled old M's office from the Connery to Dalton era.

    3) Moneypenny

    4) Small regular walk on parts for the other two members of the 00 section.

    5) Classic exotic locations (palm fringed beaches, bikini clad babes round pools, Alpine resorts etc) rather than just taking Bond to locations simply because he hasn't been there before.

    6) Blofeld and Spectre.

    7) Aston DBS.

    8) Walther PPK and silencer/suppressor.

    9) Return of Marc Ange Draco and the Union Corse.

    10) Pretty hotel receptionists that sigh wistfully after Bond.

    11) Mediocre hotel rooms.

    12) Bond travelling/arriving at airports and generally more time taken over establishing Bond's location.

    13) Bond drinking like a fish.

    14) Bond smoking while looking cool.

    15) A big fun megalomaniac villain.

    16) Big battles between commandos and baddies dressed in bright primary colour boiler-suits.

    17) Title sequences with nude silhouetted girls jiggling about on oversized handguns.

    18) Bond having lots of casual sex, not to forward the plot but just because he can.

    19) Big villains lairs with lots of polished metal surfaces and monorails.

    20) Michael Kitchen returning as Bill Tanner.

    21) Classic simple action set pieces rather than always trying to add some sort of ludicrous new twist.

    22) Real locations used rather than using stand in countries or the Pinewood back-lot.

    23) A classic Bond theme.

    24) The return of Saunders (Head of V-section Vienna).

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    You missed a talking parrot, Q, Roger Moore flares, man looking at wine bottle when he sees Bond doing something amazing, church shoes, dunhill suits and an exploding chicken.
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    I'd like to see M's involvement scaled back, but in a way that is consistent with her character.

    First of all, I'd start the film off with a flashback. Show M circa 1975, working as a station chief in Berlin. She'd be known by the codename "Matron", and would be mothering to absolutely everyone. The events of this scene would have ramifications for the film set in 2011-12.

    Secondly, I'd make Bond's assignment so critical that he cannot be working within the system. The early phase of the film would have Bond on a mission to acquire stolen files, only to realise M has set him up as the seller. Bond would return to London, and kicked out of the Service. M would then approach him and reveal that she needs him as an "independent contractor" because she has spent the past four films watching Quantum and is now ready to strike - but Bond cannot rely on her or MI6 anymore because she is being watched.

    Bond must then complete his mission on his own.
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe JenaMaloneforBond.comModerator
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    I think it's too soon to have Bond work independant of MI6, again. QOS was only 1 film ago.
  • DaltonCraig007DaltonCraig007 They say, "Evil prevails when good men fail to act." What they ought to say is, "Evil prevails."
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    1) Judi Dench's M being killed off and replaced by Sir Miles Messervy.

    2) The wood panelled old M's office from the Connery to Dalton era.

    3) Moneypenny

    4) Small regular walk on parts for the other two members of the 00 section.

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    I think it's too soon to have Bond work independant of MI6, again. QOS was only 1 film ago.
    Yes, but he'd be working independently of MI6 with their express permission to do so.

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