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We have a wonderful community here, and it's sometimes nice to learn more about our members.
So over the last couple of weeks, I've been interviewing @Andi1996Ruegg, so we can learn more about him.
Unlike the Behind The Avatar thread, the interviewee is picked by myself, and there is no member Q&A at the end.
I hope you enjoy this, the first of two parts of the interview.

1. When and how did your interest in James Bond come about?

Prior to 25th March, 2017 I had never come in touch with the world of James Bond. While I had heard the name before, I wasn’t aware that it’s such an iconic figure of cinema and literature, books and games.
Diamonds Are Forever was the first James Bond movie shown to me. We were a group of soldiers watching it in our quarters on an Apple MacBook Pro which gave a beautiful viewing experience in HD and crisp sound.
It was our unit leader @BondJasonBond006 who decided to show us the film, purpose being able to unwind after the hard training day.

The impact on us was huge. Not only did we have the best time with DAF, but we wanted to see more. And so it came about that we watched all 25 Bond movies in spring and early summer of 2017. The order in which we saw the films, while seemingly random, was a well thought out plan to introduce us properly to the world of cinematic Bond.
It worked very well and we never knew what would come next and it was always so very exciting to find out which actor would be Bond in the next one and which recurring characters would pop up or not. Going into this series of films, totally blind without knowing anything about it really was an extraordinary experience and a great pleasure.

2. What are your personal highlights from the series?

I started to watch all the films again in mid-December 2017. I included all the films with the James Bond character, 27 in total. I have watched half of the films a third time by now and the rest twice.
That is still early to decide for favorites in actors, films, scenes, music or plots. But of course I do have favorites so far, things that stand out for me of the mass that is all things cinematic Bond. I have a very good idea in which order to rank the films in the top half and I’ve given it much thought. Over time this or that may change a little, naturally. Overall I feel, my ranking will stand the test of time, especially the Top 10 seems to be set in stone now.
1 OHMSS, 2 DN, 3 CR, 4 GF, 5 YOLT, 6 TSWLM, 7 GE, 8 DAF, 9 TMWTGG, 10 TB, 11 SF, 12 TWINE
The rest of the films is still too much in flux ranking wise, but FRWL and the other 70s films will never be near the bottom.

There’s no denying my favorite decade of Bond is the 60s. It doesn’t mean necessarily that Sean Connery is my favorite actor, or that he isn’t. I first like the film and then it’s a question of the actor. A film has to entertain me on the whole, the sum of all parts is more important to me than the details that may stick out positively or negatively.

Things that I enjoy tremendously in Bond are the recurring characters and actors. Geoffrey Keen may be a favorite, so is Walter Gotell. But even people like Shane Rimmer who pop up here and there in different roles are a great addition to the overall experience.
If I have to pick some clear favorites then among them are Charles Gray, Christopher Lee, Jill St John, Diana Rigg, Barbara Bach, Judi Dench, Bernard Lee and Roger Moore.
Yes, you read that right, Roger Moore. Contrary to what I said earlier about not picking favorites with the Bond actors, Sir Roger Moore is the one that I enjoy and will return to the most, regardless of whether it’s one of my favorite films, TSWLM or one that sits near the bottom, AVTAK. One of the great redeeming qualities of the Moore era is its entertainment value. All seven films are pure fun, never too much drama and they never take themselves too seriously. There’s a Moore for every mood too, from fantasy to harder action, from exotic adventure to outlandish sci-fi, from romance to revenge.

Desmond Llewelyn and Lois Maxwell I have to mention separately. Their presence alone will guarantee I watch the first 14 films more often than the rest. That Desmond was kept for the Dalton and Brosnan tenure is a wonderful thing. His departing scene in TWINE will always make me cry.

What makes Bond great for me is the different elements that work together and create a unique Bond experience. The gun-barrel, the title sequence with the Bond theme, the score, the familiar characters that are in (almost) all the films, the trademarks like the martini, the Bond James Bond introduction, the witty dialogue, the tuxedo, the navy uniform, and more. But even so, the series never stands still caught in a single genre or style, it provides a great variety of films to this day.

3. With the good comes the bad, what are the worst aspects of the Bond series for you?

I don’t find anything really bad in the films, generally speaking. Most is a matter of taste anyway. Of course there are the infamous moments in various films. The back projection in Goldfinger’s Miami sequence, the «you only blink twice» pigeon in Moonraker or the Tarzan yell in Octopussy. Some questionable CGI work in DAD, QOS and SF. Too much CGI in general in the Craig era.
In context of 55 years of Bond those are minor complaints though.

4. Away from the people in front of the camera, who or what are some of the things that you appreciate in the Bond films?

I have been watching all the "Inside" documentaries and other documentaries on the special features of the films and I’ve gotten to know the whole EoN family pretty well through those. I've seen "Everything or Nothing" and "Becoming Bond".

You can feel the love and passion these people have for the films and for making them.
Ken Adam I find especially wonderful. As a person and of course for his incredible body of work. Peter Lamont is a worthy successor and I like his work a lot too.
John Barry is another genius that EoN had the luck to work with. David Arnold is the next best thing and again EoN was in luck to have him. Some of the movies I want to watch for the scores sometimes because it's like visiting an old friend, another character that has a big part in the films. Like TB, YOLT, OHMSS, DAF, TMWTGG, MR, TND, TWINE, QOS.

The stunt work has to mentioned by me. I’m especially impressed by the many parachuting sequences. I’m a para-scout and I have a special appreciation for the many such scenes in the Bond films. My favorite may be in Thunderball when the good guys jump to get into the big fight underwater or in The Living Daylights in the PTS.

As a Swiss I’m obviously biased when it comes to locations. Goldfinger makes great use of Switzerland and of course OHMSS is the Swiss Bond. What is especially wonderful about these is that almost all the locations in the films are real and still exist. Even the barn from OHMSS is still there! Piz Gloria may be the most famous of all the Bond locations and after 50 years it’s more popular than ever and it’s even turned into a Bond attraction/museum in part.

5. With 24 films in the official EON series, where do you see the films heading, and what would you like to see in future Bond films?

Being relatively new to the series I haven’t given a lot of thought about a possible future for Bond. Of course I want it to go on and I’m sure it will. Artistically the series may be in uneven times with films like CR, QOS, SF and SP being vastly different in quality. And the gaps between the films seem to suggest an uncertain future as well.
A new start may be needed but it looks like that is not going to happen in this decade.

I am grateful for the 24 films at hand that are a gift that keeps giving. Even if the series should stop at some point or evolve in something completely different, we will always have the existing films. They are here and will be with us as long as we live.

6. Obviously you're still fairly new to the world of James Bond. Are there other areas of the OO7 that interest you? The novels, games, music etc?

2017 was my cinematic Bond year. 2018 will be my literary Bond year. That’s it in a nutshell. I’m in luck to have all the books but also all official scores and the expanded scores at my disposal. I’ve only started to tap into them.
I have started to read the Dynamite comics. Hammerhead I enjoyed tremendously and Felix Leiter is just awesome!

7. Imagine you get too make your perfect Bond film. Who would be in your cast? What locations would you go to? And what would the story be about (briefly) ?

OHMSS is pretty much the perfect film. If I could produce a Bond film it certainly would be resembling the 1969 Bond. Maybe even a remake.
A one-shot Bond film with an actor playing Bond only in that film.
I’d keep the original score but get David Arnold to work on the music and provide a variation of it for the new movie.
Get a DoP that captures the world in clear, brilliant and lush colors that look natural. Get a director that sees himself as a part of the whole machinery and not one that needs to put his artsy stamp on the film.
No political correctness rubbish with the casting or other stuff. And let Bond womanize and smoke, let him have fun and let the audience have fun.
As for locations, they have to be real (from the outside). No CGI buildings. Get stunt people that can provide real stunts without CGI. If they can't do it, let it go and look for something else.
As I don’t know any current actors I really could not give any possible names. Bond has to be naturally athletic like Lazenby but not a muscle boy like Craig. Make him tall and dark haired and around 35. No big star unless it’s a perfect undisputed fit.

8. You've got OHMSS as your number 1 on your own ranking. What is it about that film that it makes the top spot?

OHMSS is my favorite Bond film, by a large margin. None of the other existing Bond movies will ever dethrone it.
It came out in 1969, at the apex of the decade, and acts as a capper to a magical six film run.

Peter Hunt’s only directional work in the series, but what a triumph it is. It's easily one of the most lushly shot, designed and photographed films of the series, with a very carefully chosen color palette, as well as style to burn. Hunt expertly excels at the action scenes, which are among the best in a series known for them. He also is in part responsible to make this the most romantic of all Bond films.

The breaking of the fourth wall opening is a witty wink at the audience. «Good morning, my name’s Bond, James Bond» the build up to this second in the PTS works so well. We never see Lazenby’s face up to that moment and then it’s there up-close. Lazenby also gets to showcase his ability to engage in a believable hand-to-hand fight.

In OHMSS Bond does actual, real spy-work! He stays undercover (sometimes literally with the ladies) for a majority of the middle section of the film. Before Piz Gloria he is doing some great spy work at Gumbolt’s office in Berne, Switzerland. This is classic stuff!

Diana Rigg arguably is THE Bond girl. The only one that becomes James’s significant other. Beautiful locations in Portugal, London and Piz Gloria, the truly remarkable place, clinging precariously to an icy cliff located in the Swiss Alps, and it still can be visited today. All these European locations gives OHMSS a sleek, classy feel.

The fast edited, lengthy action sequences on skis and on snow and ice are masterpieces and they get accompanied by the definite James Bond music. John Barry’s sweeping score.

OHMSS ends tragically, with Tracy being shot. It’s a shocking way to end a Bond film and it gives OHMSS more emotional heft than any other film. This movie shows us an emotional journey and a physical one as well. Another reason why this is such a special Bond movie.

But it’s also a Christmas Bond and this makes it again, special, and invaluable.

9. All the Bond films have memorable dialogue. What are some of your favourite lines, and why?

Can I just give you the dialogue script for DAF please....
...only kidding! Dialogue is one of the main strengths of cinematic Bond.
Some films are filled with witty and memorable dialogue, my favorites in that regard may be Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, GoldenEye.
But really all of them feature at least some witty dialogue that is worth going back to.

I really only can give a small excerpt of what I love in spoken Bond. Sexuality is a big part of the films and I admit I love that aspect. The more frivolous the better...

Irma: "Is anything the matter, Sir Hilary?"
James Bond: "Just a slight stiffness coming on... in the shoulder."
Irma: "Due to the altitude, no doubt."

-A slight stiffness is always welcome, even if watching a James Bond film. And why play it safe, when you can have fun.

Xenia: "You don't need the gun."
James Bond: "Well, that depends on your definition of safe sex."

-The moments after sex are the best.

James Bond: "I always enjoyed learning a new tongue."
Miss Moneypenny: "You always were a cunning linguist, James."

James Bond: "I was wrong about you."
Dr. Christmas Jones: "Yeah, how so?"
James Bond: "I thought Christmas only comes once a year."

Max Zorin: "You slept well?"
James Bond: "A little restless but I got off eventually."

-Flirting beforehand is paramount of course.

Miss Moneypenny: "You've never taken me to dinner…"
James Bond: "I would, you know. Only "M" would have me court-martialed for... illegal use of government equipment."

James Bond: "Who are you?"
Pussy: "My name is Pussy Galore."
James Bond: "I must be dreaming. I thought I'd wake up dead."

-Naturally we don't want to bump into any trouble...or husbands...

James Bond: "Is Mr Case not at home?"
Tiffany: "There is no Mr Case. The T is for Tiffany."
James Bond: "Tiffany Case? Definitely distinctive."
Tiffany: "I was born there, on the first floor, while my mother was looking for a wedding ring."
James Bond: "I'm glad for your sake it wasn't Van Cleef and Arpels....Weren't you a blonde when I came in?"
Tiffany: "Could be."
James Bond: "I tend to notice little things like that. Whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette."
Tiffany: "And which do you prefer?"
James Bond: "Providing the collars and cuffs match..."

-Poor Bond has a lot to put up with M and Q, or is it the other way around I wonder....

James Bond: "Who would pay a million dollars to have me killed?"
M: "Jealous husbands, outraged chefs, humiliated tailors. The list is endless."

James Bond: "Q, have I ever let you down?"
Q: "Frequently."

Q: "That old thing (DB5) is taking quite a bit of time. Mind you, there wasn't much left to work on. Only a steering wheel. I believe I said, -Bring it back in one piece,- not, -Bring back one piece.-"

M: "007!"
Frederick Gray: "Bond, what do you think you're doing?"
James Bond: "Keeping the British end up, sir."

M: "007..."
Frederick Gray: "My God, what's Bond doing?"
Q: "I think he's attempting re-entry, sir."

-And all the villains James Bond encounters...

James Bond: "Where is he? I shan't ask you politely next time."

Blofeld: "If I were to break the news to anyone, it would be to you first. You know that. But it's late, I'm tired, and there's so much left to do. Good night, Mr Bond. Well, go on, go on. It's merely a lift. Or perhaps I should say "elevator". In any event, I'm sure you'll find it much more convenient than mountaineering about outside the Whyte House. You press L, Mr Bond. The word "lobby" begins with L."

-Some villains seems to have an appreciation for our James.

Alec: "Bond. Only Bond."

Scaramanga: "A duel between titans. My golden gun against your Walther PPK. Each of us with a 50-50 chance."

-After a while the villain may become a tad impatient.

Alec: "Why can't you just be a good boy and die?"

Drax: "James Bond. You appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season."

Goldfinger: "No, Mr Bond! I expect you to die!"
Goldfinger: "You have interfered with my plans for the last time, Mr Bond."

-Sending the villain off properly is an art.

"I may have some breaking news for you, Elliot. You forgot the first rule of mass media, give the people what they want."

"Heartbroken, Mr. Drax. Allow me. Take a giant step for mankind."

-When the job is done you'll give the whole affair the proper finish.

(after putting Fiona who just got shot on a chair) "Do you mind if my friend sits this one out? She's just dead."

(finishing of Locque) "He had no head for heights."

(goons in black car rolling down the hill) "I think they were on their way to a funeral."

As I said, this is only the tip of the iceberg that is a myriad of joy and endless smiling and laughter!

Drax: "You must excuse me, gentlemen, not being English, I sometimes find your sense of humor rather difficult to follow."

...not me, Mr Drax, not me...

10. This is a bit of a mean one. Sorry. We've had six actors in the EON series play James Bond. Can you give each of them a pro and a con?

It’s not easy for me to find a pro and a con for each Bond actor tenure. Some things may be more obvious than others though.

Sean Connery:
I am tempted to say he was lucky to be in the 60s which generated the best films overall. But DAF is a favorite of mine as well and I’m convinced he would have carried LALD and TMWTGG as strongly. So maybe Sean himself is the biggest pro factor in his tenure. He is just incomparable. Maybe that’s his con too, he was so good in the role, he made it virtually impossible for his many successors to step out of his shadow. To this day a futile attempt.

George Lazenby:
The con is so obvious, just one film. The pro is as obvious, the very best of all the films is his. And he has no small part in that feat.
Because OHMSS is perfect.

Roger Moore:
The pro is quite clear. He managed to re-invent James Bond, tailored to his own personality and character. EoN soon realized that and we got TSWLM. The con is maybe that Sir Rog should have refused to play Bond again in 1985. I understand the predicament that EoN was in at the time though. As much as I love Moore, AVTAK was one film too many and should have gone to Timothy.

Timothy Dalton:
His definite pro is the actor himself. Dalton is Bond, the literary Bond as I imagine it. When I start reading the novels I will see him in my mind. And I haven't read them yet. But still, Dalton comes across like a figure out of a novel. He is that kind of actor.
The con is quite sad actually. Dalton got one so-so film with TLD (my personal opinion) and then came LTK. It doesn’t matter how the film is perceived today, in 1989 it was not very popular and I can see why. Potentially best Bond actor wasted with mediocre films.

Pierce Brosnan:
His pro are many things. He managed to make Bond modern and still clearly it's Bond as we knew it before. As soon as Pierce is on the screen, the excitment starts. Purely visually speaking, Pierce is the definite Bond. The level of fun in his films is maybe only rivaled by Moore's tenure.
As a con I see that Brosnan, while having tons of charisma, charm and suaveness he still seems to be a kind of best of all that came before. Of course it’s exactly that what also could be seen as a pro, depending on how you look at it.

Daniel Craig:
His pro is clearly the quality of films he got, technically speaking. Even SP can’t be called bad in a technical cinematic sense, bar the overuse of CGI and color filters. Craig’s tenure profits heavily from perfect casting decisions almost all the way.
His con is that as an actor on screen he started at his peak and since then it’s been downhill. Not a steep decline by any means but his predecessors Connery, Moore and Brosnan had their high points later in their run. Arguably with TB, TSWLM/FYEO, DAD.

No matter the (very few) cons each actor has, all of them received at least one "masterpiece" GF, OHMSS, TSWLM, GE, CR, the five films that as far as I know are the "iconic classics".
Timothy Dalton may not have had such luck but he is an insider tip and the hidden treasure to be discovered by new audiences. EoN has it all, nobody did it better, nor ever will.

And so this is the first part.
Part 2 will be posted tomorrow.


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    Interesting interview. I'm impressed by how quickly Andi has turned into a Bond pro. Took me many years to get all those details under my belt but Andi fixed it within less than a year without any prior exposure to Bond. Good man! :)

    I'll be looking forward to reading more.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Joe Don Baker Street
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    Same here.

    I hope you can get @M-Balje for the next round. He is such a mysterious presence.
  • DragonpolDragonpol Writer @ http://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    Same here.

    I hope you can get @M-Balje for the next round. He is such a mysterious presence.

    Not to mention myself. So mysterious.
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    Great to read.
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    An excellent read.
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    Miss this guy already. My thoughts exactly apart from Dalton's films.
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    Is it very mean to mention that Swiss soldiers seem to have a lot of time to spare...? But I'm impressed how quickly and deeply he got into this.
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    Well, Andi is suddenly very busy. But do not fear, a new one seems to pop up whenever there is a void to fill.
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    Excellent! Andi rocks!
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    Hear hear! Terrific guy!
  • BennyBenny ...OctobennyAdministrator, Moderator
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    And so it's time as promised to continue getting to know you @Andi1996Ruegg

    11. You've mentioned in some of your posts that you serve along with BondJasonBond006 as a Para Scout in the Swiss Army. Can you tell us how you ended up in the Swiss Army and what an average day might include?

    Well, first I have to explain that every young male ends up in the Swiss army, unless there is a medical reason that makes him unfit for service. Switzerland is a militia and military service is mandatory. Women can voluntarily serve if they want but that has only started. This year it's a mere 120 women, the total number of recruits that started on January 15th, 2018 is 10.200.

    To be a para-scout is a decision for life. I respect all military branches but of course a majority of soldiers will serve only that much in their life and not have an army career.

    I wanted to be a Grenadier which is the basic training for para-scouts and other specialized forces. It's a bit similar to the US Army Rangers, I'm told.

    My path to become an actual para-scout was long and hard. Long before the recruit-school started I had to take pre-courses in parachuting and I went through several psychological and physical evaluations.

    A typical day can be various things. We are trained in martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, weaponry and of course para-scouting. So a typical day can be preparing the chutes for each other, go to the military airport, do our pre-breathing (40 minutes circa), board a plane in full gear and then either make a HALO or HAHO jump. (High altitude low opening) (High altitude high opening). 30.000 feet on average. Low opening means 800 meters which is very near the ground.

    That's it in a nutshell really.

    12. Most of us hopefully have fond memories of our childhood, can you tell us about where you grew up, some childhood memories, what you wanted to be when you grew up, and maybe a little about your parents? What do they do?

    All I wanted to be is a super hero escaping the injustices of life and helping others.
    At 12 I was disposed by my father. He put me into a boarding school. Not a very nice one. I spent years in there just trying to survive.
    Luckily after escaping that place the people that took me in realized that I am highly skilled and made sure I can enter University asap.
    Everything I achieved is my own doing. I formed my body with discipline and will-power and I worked hard to make it at the University.
    The Swiss army putting me into special forces was due to my efforts to get there.

    I am a good person, but for years I was told I am stupid, unworthy and a thug.

    13. Staying with family, do you have any brother or sisters? If so what do they do? Can you tell us a little about them?

    I come from a Swiss middle class family. I have parents obviously and a brother. He is autistic. My parents couldn't handle it, I was in the way as soon as I refused to sacrifice every single moment of my childhood to look after my older brother.

    14. Now I'm not sure about you. But I enjoy travel. Visiting new places, experiencing different cultures and foods. Can you tell us some of the places that you've visited. Where you'd go back too, and where would you like to visit, if you had the chance?

    I've never been outside of Switzerland except to Turkey a couple of times and in December 2017 I visited Cortina Italy for a couple of days to earn money as a model.
    I have been in more places in Switzerland though than most Swiss have been. Thanks to the army really. That includes the dam of GoldenEye and Piz Gloria for instance!
    As for Turkey that's due to my ancestors on my mother's side. I was curious about the country.
    I don't have time to travel really, not in the next years, army, University etc.
    But I will probably do my Master in the US, California most possibly as they have the best Universities for Earth Sciences. Berkeley would be my first choice but that's years away.

    15. During your downtime what past times do you enjoy?

    I never had much downtime to be honest, at the University the little I had I used for my friends with benefits ;)
    In the army I chose to stay at most weekends, so did my army-bros, we are different. We did fun stuff, preparing daring stunts and antics to entertain the base. Quite adolescent stuff sometimes! That was needed as our jobs really are tough and demanding.

    On my first longer break from everything really, one whole month, I enjoyed the James Bond films, and I enjoyed being in the company of the people that have decided to make me part of their family.

    16. You're interest in James Bond is still relatively new. What are some of your favourite films and TV shows outside of the world of Bond?

    My sole interest in cinema lies in what came before the 70s. There are a couple of films, made in the 70s that I love but it's mainly 50s and 60s movies I watch and love.
    The movie I love most is THE SOUND OF MUSIC with Julie Andrews. The film has saved me so many times. I soon discovered Mary Poppins afterwards and other films with Julie. She is and will always be my first love and favorite actress of all time. I've seen her at the Oscar ceremony not too long ago and she has a new children's show on Netflix which I only have started watching. My love for Julie is endless and that she's still going strong is a blessing.

    Film Noir is probably my favorite film genre. Overall I've seen circa 100 films, Bond not counting. About half of them are film Noir or black and white suspense movies.

    As for TV, I've never been allowed to watch and at the boarding school I simply didn't want to. I have seen this or that during my first University year but I will probably never watch classic TV. Netflix may be of interest to me though. We'll see.

    17. Who or what has been a major influence on you. A mentor or hero?

    To be honest it's my inner strength that made me succeed becoming something different and better than I was before 2014. There are mentors, no doubt about that - at the University and in the army.
    I have learned only to rely on myself though.
    As for heroes, I've seen one which has touched my heart and influenced my life somewhat in 2017.
    The hero I was talking about, yes, it's @BondJasonBond006. He's been my superior, direct superior in the army for the most part of 2017. Jase, as passionate and unreasonable he is sometimes, has a big heart and in his job he is as professional as it gets, he's simply flawless as an army officer, a teacher and a leader and he had a great positive impact on the way things went for me and others at the army.
    He is a hero to me because he is a survivor and even when life has knocked him down again, and again, and again, he first will ask "how are you" before thinking of himself.
    I've never seen anyone as strong willed.

    18. From the sounds of your Para scout career, every day is dangerous. What would you say has been the most dangerous or exciting thing that you've done?

    "Sorry, old man. Section 26, paragraph 5. That information is on a need-to-know basis only. I'm sure you understand."

    What I can tell you is that doing a HALO is as exciting as it gets. I was told before my first one it'll feel like sex or even better. And quite frankly, it does.
    Even when fully focused it's still an incredible adrenaline rush.

    The dangerous stuff only lies before me really. I'm now a fully trained Grenadier para-scout and I'm getting specialized this year for counter-terrorism and special reconnaissance.

    19. Do you follow sport? What do you like, and who are some of the teams that you follow?

    Well, I have become interested in some sports through my army-brothers, mainly soccer. It's not like I didn't have any interest before but the circumstances never allowed me to have any fun.
    The gym has become my second home since 2015. I'm too built already for soccer and I'm more of an athlete, running, jumping....track and field really.
    I'll follow the Olympics, winter and summer, that's for sure. Skiing, boarding, cross-ski, free-style, all very big in Switzerland.
    To quote Miss Moneypenny: "I think you're just getting started."
    Yes I am.

    20. Do you have a hidden talent, tell us something that will impress us?

    I can do handstand push-ups and I am a pro in calisthenics workouts.
    If that's a hidden talent, I doubt it, as I am quite a show off and do it often at the army gym or just outside on a lamppost!
    Hidden....maybe my memory. I can read (a book, essay, article) and I can memorize it to a great extend. If I watch a Bond film, I can recite all the memorable dialogue afterwards. It's not like I do it on purpose, I can, but I don't do that often. At the University of course I do. It's a great advantage to be able to recall whole sections of a books filled with theoretic stuff.
    It's the way I have learned this language by the way. Of course I have English at the University but becoming fluent in writing with, what I hope, is few grammar and spelling errors is really due to reading books in English and watching the movies in English as well to build my vocabulary.

    And so there we have it.
    I've enjoyed getting to know you that little bit better @Andi1996Ruegg from your escapades and adventures, it sounds like you're the Swiss equivalent to James Bond.
    I think we all like to be like Bond at times. Or feel like were Bondian.
    Until the next time, thanks for reading.
  • That was a good read only briefly interacted with @Andi1996Ruegg seemed like a genuine guy.
  • BennyBenny ...OctobennyAdministrator, Moderator
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    That was a good read only briefly interacted with @Andi1996Ruegg seemed like a genuine guy.

    That's a good point that you make @Fire_and_Ice_Returns I think most of us are genuine. It's why we have a good community spirit and look out for one another.
    I hope going forward this thread maybe just brings us a little closer together as a group. Or at least we learn some things about one another.
    I have my next interviewee lined up, should be a real cracker.
    Watch this space!
  • Benny wrote: »
    That was a good read only briefly interacted with @Andi1996Ruegg seemed like a genuine guy.

    That's a good point that you make @Fire_and_Ice_Returns I think most of us are genuine. It's why we have a good community spirit and look out for one another.
    I hope going forward this thread maybe just brings us a little closer together as a group. Or at least we learn some things about one another.
    I have my next interviewee lined up, should be a real cracker.
    Watch this space!

    Having a positive frame of mind is certainly the best way forward.
  • JohnHammond73JohnHammond73 Lancashire, UK
    Posts: 4,151
    Great stuff all round. Looking forward to whoever may be up next. Great thread.
  • ThunderfingerThunderfinger Joe Don Baker Street
    Posts: 40,805
    Finally getting to know Balje!
  • DragonpolDragonpol Writer @ http://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
    Posts: 14,441
    Finally getting to know Balje!

    Is he up next? I hope so.
  • edited January 2018 Posts: 12,317
    Finally getting to know Balje!

    I feel like Balje would lose some of his mistique if we learnt too much about him. Could the man (or woman? Don't know if he's ever specified) himself ever live up to our imaginations at this point?
  • 00Agent00Agent Any man who drinks Dom Perignon '52 can't be all bad.
    Posts: 5,163
    Finally getting to know Balje!

    I feel like Balje would lose some of his mistique if we learnt too much about him. Could the man (or woman? Don't know if he's ever specified) himself ever live up to our imaginations at this point?

    And besides that, even if he did an interview, i don't think anyone here could decipher his answers anyway
  • 00Agent wrote: »
    Finally getting to know Balje!

    I feel like Balje would lose some of his mistique if we learnt too much about him. Could the man (or woman? Don't know if he's ever specified) himself ever live up to our imaginations at this point?

    And besides that, even if he did an interview, i don't think anyone here could decipher his answers anyway

    True. Anyone who's been studying his legend since the old forums fancy volunteering as translator?
  • DragonpolDragonpol Writer @ http://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    00Agent wrote: »
    Finally getting to know Balje!

    I feel like Balje would lose some of his mistique if we learnt too much about him. Could the man (or woman? Don't know if he's ever specified) himself ever live up to our imaginations at this point?

    And besides that, even if he did an interview, i don't think anyone here could decipher his answers anyway

    True. Anyone who's been studying his legend since the old forums fancy volunteering as translator?

    They'd need to be an expert in Double Dutch. ;)
  • BennyBenny ...OctobennyAdministrator, Moderator
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    It's not @M_Balje
    The next interview is under way
  • JohnHammond73JohnHammond73 Lancashire, UK
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    Looking forward to the next one.
  • ggl007ggl007 www.archivo007.com Spain, España
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    Funny thread. It's always good to know the companions here better.

    Interesting stories, @Andi1996Ruegg Very pleased to "meet" you!
  • DikkoHendersonDikkoHenderson Daniel Craig at the plastic surgery clinic- "Gently my friend Gently... THAT'S NOT BLOODY GENTLY!!"
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    Pleased to meet a fellow Charles Gray fan... go out there and get those terrorist SOBs!
  • BondJasonBond006BondJasonBond006 on fb and ajb
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    Wow, that is awesome. I had no idea whatsoever that Andi has become a regular here.
    I'm so proud to have opened him the door to the world of Bond. After hardly a year in it he understands it already better than I probably ever will. Bravo. =D>

    Looking forward to the next interviewee.
  • DarthDimiDarthDimi Behind you!Moderator
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    Wow, that is awesome. I had no idea whatsoever that Andi has become a regular here.
    I'm so proud to have opened him the door to the world of Bond. After hardly a year in it he understands it already better than I probably ever will. Bravo. =D>

    Looking forward to the next interviewee.

    What did he do, Jason? Study Bond like a student works through a biology text book? :) Seriously, it took me a decade to assemble so much knowledge about Bond. Andi did it in a year. Unbelievable!
  • BirdlesonBirdleson San Jose, CAModerator
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    Yes it is!
  • DragonpolDragonpol Writer @ http://thebondologistblog.blogspot.com
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    I think he must be The Memory Man!
  • 4EverBonded4EverBonded Dancing at midnight under the BeBop Moon
    edited January 2019 Posts: 11,760
    Andi has an array of skills but is also blessed with memory retention that is rather uncommon.
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