Do men still want to be James Bond?

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As they said in the 60's...... Every man wants to be him and every woman wants him. How do feel about 007 today?


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    I'd rather be Simon Templar. ;)

    Or even The Shadow.
  • I do want to be Bond. I don't want to be Daniel's Bond though...the testicular whipping is enough to put me off. I'd happily be Sean, Roger or Pierce's Bond though :-)
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    I think the quote mentioned in the OP still holds true, yes.
  • Bond's existence contains the greatest delights, pleasures and ecstasies that man can know, combined with its worst possible anguishes, sorrows, terrors and miseries. Do the former redeem the latter? I honestly do not know.
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    When you are school kid yes, when you don't properly know what it actuall means to be Bond but if any adults have delusions of being him they should go and see a psychiatrist.

    To be honest when I see grown men posing with Walther PPK's in dinner suits I just think it's time you grew up.

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    I'd rather be Jack Bauer. I already get little sleep as it is.

    Being Bond, though? Wearing finely tailored suits, walking around like I own the place when men with automatic rifles are staring me down, beating the crap out of guys who have fake hands, drinking vodka martinis all the time and having sex with the most beautiful women who would have absolutely no problem sticking a knife in my back? What the hell, could be fun.
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    SaintMark wrote:
    I'd rather be Simon Templar. ;)

    Or even The Shadow.[/quote
    I rather be Dirty Harry or Lone Ranger. I might rather make my own characters up.

    I would never Bond. My spy role dreams would be like Late Edward Wood Callenor Michael Cain's Harry Palmer.
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    For me yes without a doubt! Although mentally you would be seriously affected no matter how professional you are? There will always be a quiet moment of reflection where you would take on board what you have done in all aspects?
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    I'd happily be Roger's ..."Bond". His girls were the hottest.
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    not really, it looks less fun than being me these days!
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    Wanting to be Bond is more to do with inhabiting the superficial essence if the character as opposed to actually being him; at least that's how it is for me.

    I like nice things, I travel a lot, I wear nice clothes, I own a Rolex and 2 omegas, my sexual lifestyle is abundantly generous and I enjoy going out to bars and restaurants and maintain a fitness lifestyle. All these combined not only satisfies my own pleasures, amongst many other things but I consider them traits of a Bond-esque essence. Many people who are oblivious to my fandom of Bond have often likened me to the character because of all of this and how I conduct myself and interact with people.
    It's all about the essence of the character for me and it works wonders.
  • Bradford4Bradford4 Banned
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    The danger, all of the sexually transmitted diseases ( have we ever seen Bond ONCE be responsible during his conquests? No) , the betrayals.... NO THANK YOU!!!

    I'm happy being ME. But I'd be most comfortable as Bond in AVTAK, sleeping in a nice rocking chair. I've got one meself, puts me out like a babty.
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    Being Bond? I am not sure, maybe. Having the same job and life as Bond, being me? I don't think so.
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    Bradford4 wrote:
    The danger, all of the sexually transmitted diseases ( have we ever seen Bond ONCE be responsible during his conquests? No) , the betrayals.... NO THANK YOU!!!

    I'm happy being ME. But I'd be most comfortable as Bond in AVTAK, sleeping in a nice rocking chair. I've got one meself, puts me out like a babty.

    I bet you're as old as your post count lol
  • Yes if minus the M, violence, betrayals and stress. Travel, cars,fine suits and hot women are great in life. I'd rather be Christian Grey :P
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    No. Not really. I sometimes like to think that I'm as cool, suave and handsome as Bond. But for the most parts, I just like being the good'ole me.
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    I think men do still want to be Bond, yes. In my early teenage years when I first started getting into Bond earnestly, I wanted nothing more to be like him and my other favorite characters, Holmes and Batman. I even fantasized of heading into the espionage world as a career, but my younger naivete made way for a little common sense and a drop of reality not long afterwards. After realizing just how horrid, bland and unrewarding the life of a spy could be I settled for writing escapist spy fiction instead. After all, it's much healthier to live out my spy fantasies through my characters, and there's a lesser risk of getting shot or imprisoned for it while sitting in front of my laptop.

    So no, I don't think I would want to be in Bond's position and live his life. While the suits, the adventures, and the Aston are all things that would excite even the most reserved soul, the risk of death, the pains taken on your soul, the secrecy you would hold towards friends and family and your loss of trust simply wouldn't be worth it in the long run. So, while the espionage world of our reality isn't the kind of adventure and glorified escapism it is feed to us to be in movies and books and while a lot of what Bond's job requires is rather unsavory and off-putting, I still try to be as much like him as I can in my everyday life.

    My favorite characters have influenced how I act and present myself in a lot of ways, actually, Bond being just one example. James has a special set of traits, certain abstract qualities and beliefs about him that are worth looking up to. His commitment to his duty, his admirable sense of national pride, dependability and loyalty, his knack for survival even as modernity has designs to write him off and the care he has for those he holds close to him are all qualities that we can appreciate in him and aspire to be. While the world full of luxury, danger and adventure he leads may not be a realistic way to live, or even a possibility for the vast majority of us, his personal values are in fact things that can be easily adopted and are great reasons to want to be James Bond without all the dangers and personal losses added on.

    It is these traits of his, not the women sleeps with, the cars he drives or the guns he fires that I find to be the most desirable and interesting aspects about him as a character and beliefs that can be utilized in whatever life you choose to lead. If Bond as a man wasn't something more rich and interesting beyond all the spectacle, I wouldn't still be following the franchise today, and certainly not with such passion. You can find action, beautiful women and adventures sparkled with gunfire, explosions and fast cars in any action franchise, that much is indisputable. It is James Bond and who he is underneath all that, his raw, human nature that I find most alluring, and it is those same qualities of his that drive me to be more like him than any others.
  • Of course!
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