Actor Showreel

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Hey guys, Im an actor and I have recently got my showreel together.

Would you guys be able to check it out and give feedback.

Thank you.


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    It was difficult to tell you men apart at first and as such, some confusion on my part, but? I found out which one you were, and I loved it. You've got a bit of that Connery charm. Well, I hope everything goes well for you and? Keep it up!

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    Oh thanks very much vijaygalore that's a hell of a compliment. :)
  • I would not say it if it wasn't true, you look really good on camera.

    Are you working on anything? at the moment?
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    Hey sorry vijaygalore I didn't notice you responded. How rude of me. Yes I'm going to be touring a small play at a few venues in England called 'Bobby Gould in hell' at the start of next year. Il be sure to give more details as they come.
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