Are there any Bond films where you like the first half much more than the second or vice versa?

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For example I like the first half of these movies more:


I then like the second half of these much more:



  • Agree with MR and DAD, disagree with the rest. I add TWINE to the list whose second half suffers compared to the first.

    Examples of those films whose second half I enjoy more are QOS and OP.
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    This thread didn't go anywhere in it's day but on the whole, the first half of the films are almost always better:
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    I think TND has a great opening half with espionage and story till right after the newspaper chase. Then it is a combo of action scenes that are too long and a poorly shot finale. YOLT has a boring 1st half as OHMSS picks up the emotion and had great action in the second half after the slow moving first half
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    Most of all, DAD, for sure first half way better than the second half.
    Also, MR and TWINE. But the strongest example for me is DAD.

    Second half better? Maybe OHMSS, but it is not a favorite of mine anyway.

    I like all of TND and most other Bond films are sort of evenly liked/disliked throughout by me.
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    Films i thought the first half was better than the second half, these include movies i would not necessarily rate highly.

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    Movies where the first half is great and the second falters to varying degrees:

    And especially DAD
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    I would say that
    would be the best examples to me of "second half syndrome". Besides DAF, the rest of them don't necessarily have bad second halves. Just certainly lackluster compared to what came before it.
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    Films to me are consistantly good or consistantly bad all the way through.

    DAD has no good first half. Its shite all the way through. The avalanche of crapola starts with the gunbarrel and the bullet travelling up it. Then its an unrelenting barrage of foul smelling excreta to the very last frame.
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    DAD, SF and TND started off stronger than they finished and I don't think OHMSS really gets brilliant until the second half.
  • Diamonds are Forever and Die Another Day are the two biggest examples of the first half being better than the second half. The same is true, to a lesser extent, with The Man With the Golden Gun and Moonraker.

    On Her Majesty's Secret Service and Skyfall are probably the best examples of the other way around.

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    DN--1st half
    FRWL--2nd half
    GF--1st half
    TB--2nd half
    OHMSS--2nd half
    DAF--1st half
    LALD--1st half
    Gun--2nd half
    Spy--2nd half
    MR--1st half
    FYEO--2nd half
    OP--2nd half
    AVTAK--2nd half
    TLD--2nd half
    LTK--2nd half
    GE--2nd half
    TND--1st half
    FYEO--1st half
    DAD--1st half
    CR--1st half
    QOS--2nd half
    SF--1st half
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