If you were Bond You'd ...

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I'd use 2 guns and bring class and great films (better than Skyfall!!)


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    I know this is a bit of an outlandish proposal, but I would love to see Bond working his latest case and chasing down a villain who has a taste for high adrenalin sports, this could take him to the Dakar Rally (Now held in South America), where he would need to become a contender; and a whole manner of possible action sequences could be involved in the pursuit of his new adversary.
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    How about competitive volleyball? Bond playing for a chance to get close to a diabolical industrialist.
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    I can appreciate that you have a sense of humour, and whether you genuinely hold an interest in the forum, or you are just here to amuse yourself makes little or no difference; if you can take some benefit from spending time reading someone else’s creative writing whilst they are using their imagination as a relaxing way to de-stress, then that not a bad thing either…

    It is funny that you suggest volleyball, as some of the more innocuous sports have played a part in these films, ice skating was one of them in “For Your Eyes Only”, and besides anywhere there are appealing women, James Bond’s character would not be out of place….
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    I do not make light I truely believe these movies could benefit from a little more excitement, whether it be rally,volleyball or any other situation.
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