“And all because the lady loves”, you know the rest…

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What has happened to the advertisements of old, you know those classic ads with a bit of action and mystery; I was thinking about this when travelling to work this morning and contemplated, the possible reasons why a man would need to go to such an effort, firstly to get to his lady, and then manage to satisfy her with just a box of chocolates. (You want more I am sure that she may have been disappointed, and lets face it, if it had been Bond, he would have got the job done, as surely Roger Moore always did…

This has now got to have some serious reasoning put behind it just for the sake of good debate or some humour, for instance was the man in question indeed a James Bond type, just in-between missions and couldn’t resist a quick adrenalin rush on his way to lavishing some attention on his exotic lady of desire, or to explore another option….

Imagine if this ad were being produced today, you as the audience go on this thrill ride of cloak and dagger and when you get to seeing the attractive female it’s the beautiful Kelly Brook, (All right so far…. And then, I think you already know where this is going) the man if he were to reveal himself would be, wait for it! Keith Lemon! Shock horror how could you do this…

I am sorry, maybe I shouldn't go there but everyone reading this must have at some point pondered what was going on in this guy’s life that made it so dangerous, to get to the true object of his desire.

Your comments if you will, in the true spirit of what is intended to only be a bit of fun.


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    There's little doubt advertising is what it used to be but today with so many skipping them on TV due to the sheer number every five minutes, I don't think Joe Public would give a damn about 'proper' ads that tell a story...sadly.
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    There is one advert that plays through my mind, that embellishes the essence of pure quality and opulence; elements always associated with Eon productions and James Bond...

    L'Odyssée de Cartier - YouTube, if you haven't seen this, have a look just for the sake of curiosity. (This television ad was directed by Bruno Aveillan, an award winning photographer, multimedia artist and filmaker".
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