Alternate Timeline: Casino Royale---> Skyfall

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Watching Casino Royale on SyFy, I got to thinking about Bond and M.

Imagine things had shook out differently with Vesper, and they had lived happily ever after together. Then assume nothing else in the timeline had changed in the Craig era and a few years later Silva came to take his revenge on M, first by bombing her office. Bond sees it on TV, as it is a major terror attack in London.

Does he come back to save M? 007 reporting for duty?

Or, perhaps, he would have come back long before that, not being able to live an honest life anyway?

Or maybe he stays with Vesper and M is killed in Court?


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    Not to derail the original question, but I was thinking today..

    New timeline, can we bring back Sean Bean as 006? Pretty please Eon? I mean how cool would that be?

    To answer BritChap's question, I do think Bond would have eventually come back. You have to remember all the baggage Vesper was hiding from him, that would have to come up sooner or later. I mean, there was another man she loved and a whole evil organization blackmailing her for hundreds of millions of dollars. That shit doesn't sweep under the rug.
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    Bond would always come back; he is all about loyalty and duty. And to be honest, I can't see him settling down to a quiet life; it just doesn't seem to be his style. As Andrew Jackson once said, "I was born for the storm, and a calm does not suit me." This, I feel, applies to Bond as well.
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    I feel like there is a "what if" thread buried way down somewhere here but this is an interesting one. Lots to think about
  • Maybe we should argue this only from the premise that Bond would indeed stay with Vesper. In terms of the fiction presented, we have no evidence pointing to anything otherwise, as both Vesper and Tracy died and Bond tends to be a man of his word.
  • Bond is loylal. Now his loyalty is to the two mountains of joy he's fallen in love with. Bond would have let the M 'bitch' flounder and eventually die.
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