You Know My Name or Another Way To Die?



  • SuperheroSithSuperheroSith SE London
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    Both are good (I am dead) but I prefer YKMN.
  • I actually... like Another Way to Die. Yeah. I know. Blasphemous.

    But You Know My Name is way better, naturally.
  • LicencedToKilt69007LicencedToKilt69007 Belgium, Wallonia
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    You Know My Name. I don't even consider AWTD as a Bond song. Frankly.

    But since "Skyfall" happened it is my favourite Craig's time Bond song.

    I wonder why the words "Casino Royal" ( and "Quantum Of Solace" (the exception is in the rejected theme by Ava Almer) weren't mentioned in their respective lyrics.
  • As the awful Keys will be singing the national anthem later today - the least said the better - this only gives Cornell another opportunity to race further ahead, into what must be by now - an unassailable lead

    Casino Royale intro is really quite brilliant, one of the truly best Bond themes we ever had, and I would of jumped at the chance to have had Cornell back for Skyfall, but it wasn't to be, although the other, didn't do too bad of a job in all honesty. But Keys and White, was a theme song to forget. As was the overall movie itself, and there's no sense in lying

    It's strange it retrospect why this thread was even started in the first place and the question was asked over who was better ?

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    has to be YKMN, I think that, along with TLD's toon, is my favourite Bond theme that's sung (my no1 is OHMSS...WOW!!!)

    as for AWTD that sucks nearly as bad as DAD (shut up Madonna!!) I love QoS but I mute the theme during the opening credits to soothe the pain
  • Another Way To Die is a song for us hipsters, just like Quantum of Solace is a hipster movie. You Know My Name is far too mainstream for me. In fact I was listening to Another Way To Die since before Daniel Craig got picked as Bond .
  • AliAli
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    You Know My Name

    More than just prefer it, I rate it as my favourite theme of all. More rock, less middle of the road pop music please, EON.
  • Another way to die is good, You know my name is great.
  • hoppimikehoppimike Kent, UK
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    You Know My Name. But it's a close one IMO!
  • YKMN. Not even a contest.
  • 0BradyM0Bondfanatic70BradyM0Bondfanatic7 Quantum Floral Arrangements: "We Have Petals Everywhere"
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    Who are the two lunatics who voted for AWTD?!

    One was @do_me_nicely, so that explains a lot.
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    YKMN by a longshot.
  • 007InVT007InVT Classified
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    Another nice montage set to 'Another Way To Die'

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