Bond 25 - MOONRAKER?

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The excellent Skyfall with it's London locations and complete reboot of all characters has me dreaming of eon revisiting Fleming's source material and giving us a faithful but updated interpretation of his 1955 classic - "MOONRAKER".
Adaptations over the years has shown that the stronger the novel the better the interpretation and the likes of Dr.No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, OHMSS and the third version of Casino Royale are testimonies to this.
That said, the one that got away is undoubtably Fleming's excellent third Bond outing with it's great terrorist story line, troubled Bond, larger role for M and fully fleshed out heroine would be tremendous source material for Bond 25.
Given that a faithfull adaptation would mean great UK locations, after Skyfall, it's probably better to skip it for 24 and make it 25. After all, it's never been done before - the awful Gilbert 1979 outing was always just a badly made parody and it's time we had the real deal!
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