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    Just got back from...

  • OHMSS.

    And as wonderful as Diana RIgg is; as fantastic the cinematography and editing and sound design and music is...'s not a great film. The storyline is dull, the pacing makes it feel an hour longer than it is. The acting seems to be rushed first takes of everything - no-one shows any emotion except Rigg. Blofeld isn't threatening in the slightest, nor are any of the nondescript villains throughout. The film almost dies in the dull Sir Hilary section, and the confrontation between Bond and Blofeld has no tension at all, and may as well be two blokes chatting in the pub.

    The tragic ending is elegantly done, and genuinely effective, but it's almost ruined by the James Bond theme kicking in seconds after Tracy's death.

    And here's the most important thing; Bond movies only work if you've got a guy onscreen who you're happy to watch for two hours, a guy with charisma who you will happily watch sneak around corridors or walk around hotels or anything. Lazenby does very well for a non-actor, but the movie is so much bigger than him. There is a charismatic, magnetic actor at the centre of OHMSS, but it's Diana Rigg.
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    Just got back from...


    And...What's your verdict?
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    8.5 or 9/10. Brilliant, Craigs best film,

    Good- Craig, the story, the action, Bardem, Q, M, girls, comedy, locations, etc.

    Bad- Dogy CGI, gunbarrel, Bardem a bit underused, Severine massively underused, and I didn't like
    Eve being moneypenny. She's a secretary, I didn't need a big backstory about how she shot Bond.
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    BAIN123 wrote:
    Just got back from...


    And...What's your verdict?
    Best of the Craig films (which isn't saying much), but best Bond as some have called it? Not quite. I will say that Bardem stole the film. He managed to be evil as Sanchez and as camp as Gray's Blofeld. The image of Silva's face pressed against glass as Bond and M walked away, was quite creepy.

    And did anyone notice the year on the bottle of Scotch that Silva poured?

    I will need to see it a few times on dvd before I place it in my Bond film ranking.

    last night.

    Stunning! definately 5 stars...dramatic, exciting, tense, humourous, emotional it had everything...

    the only thing was I had to watch it dubbed in French and I hate watching dubbed films!!!
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    Skyfall. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Slipped into my top 5 easily (though I probably need to watch it a few more times to judge properly).

    Cinematography was beautiful as everyone says (loved the Shanghai sequence), acting from everyone was top notch and the nods to Bonds pass were done in a fun way.

    Craig is superb and pretty much masters the role.

    And I want one of those bulldogs.
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    Saw it twice already and will see it again tomorrow. I'll take a break from the film after that and in a month or so I might go for a fourth time. After that I'll wait for the DVD to be released.

    SF is a great Bond film that does credit to the much debated Craig era. Although it works from ideas that have been explored in several films before - and not just Bond films - it moves them around in a fresh new permutation and that's what I like so much about it.

    I never like the thought of a Bond film taking me in previously unexplored territory for the entirety of the film. Things have to be somewhat recognisable for me, be it from the Bond films themselves or from other franchises - I don't mind. I do feel it's important though to work from new angles and with new ambitions. This was brilliantly achieved with SF I feel.


  • Bad- gunbarrel

    Because it's at the end, or because it's the same lame one they used in QoS?

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    Bad- gunbarrel

    Because it's at the end, or because it's the same lame one they used in QoS?

  • Like most people the last movie for me was Skyfall and, blimey, was it cracking. Tough, emotional and certainly with some super "classic" moments.
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    Working though the Bond series. Just watched Diamonds Are Forever. As of this far, I've made three observations. Mostly that I really enjoyed YOLT more than usual and that I found Thunderball to be unusually slow.


    1. From Russia With Love / On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    3. Dr. No
    4. Goldfinger
    5. Thunderball
    6. You Only Live Twice
    7. Diamonds Are Forever
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    So, I watched the film a third time today. I can relax for now and contemplate on the film for a few weeks, before going back a fourth (and possibly last) time. After that it's DVD time.

    Now then, I'm a true SF fan! I LOVE this film. It's a great Bond flick and it feels like it was made for me in the sense that all the things I love about a Bond film, this one has. I had similar feelings with GE and CR when I saw them in the theatre.

    I have a rather firm top 5 of Bond films. It includes, in no particular order, OHMSS, GE, CR, FRWL and DN. (Yes, DN!) I'd also want to include TB and TLD, possibly even FYEO and LTK but hey, a top 5 can only include 6 films, right? ;-) And now it feels like SF has earned itself a spot among the big 5, which only enhances the problem. Thus, rather than decide which film I throw out of the top 5, I will simply enlarge the elite top of Bond films to 10 and amongst them resides SF as of this point. I place it on the same level as CR and miles above QOS.

    A review will follow soon.
  • Octopussy

    In the rush to proclaim Skyfall a classic and one of the best Bond films, let's not forget past diamond's and other claimants to the title of best Bond.

    Aside from TSWLM, Octopussy is the best James Bond film of all time without exception. It has everything and so much more. The Tarzan yell aside, this film is amazing and is memorable for a great number of reasons. Great song, Great gunbarrel, Great PTS, Great Villain, Great Bond Girl, Great 007 performance, Great locations, Great action sequences, Great chases, Great tense moments, Great dialogue, Great one liners, Great supporting cast. It really is that good.
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    Skyfall mark 2 ;)

    Still thoroughly enjoyed it and it's easily a top 5 flick but I think the "buzz" of seeing it for the first time had faded. That said there were plenty of moments that got me fired just as they did before. I LOVE everything about the climax from the acting to the visual photography (not going to spoil it just in case).

    Should really do a review too.

  • Skyfall

    Watched it last night, not sure if i will go again or wait for the DVD ...hmmmm.....
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    Skyfall ofcourse! :D Plan to go and see it again in a week or so!
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    Live And Let Die. I don't know about this one, it just seems forgettable. No memorable stunts or villains with the exception of Baron Samedi. Solitare is beautiful but hardly leaves a mark and the whole film seems rather lackluster. Still, better than Diamonds Are Forever. I used to rank it above YOLT but now I don't believe I can.

    1. From Russia With Love / On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    3. Dr. No
    4. Goldfinger
    5. Thunderball
    6. You Only Live Twice
    7. Live And Let Die
    8. Diamonds Are Forever
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    Glad everyone is enjoying Skyfall. Still have to wait til next week to see it.

    I don't know, this movie is just meh. I didn't really like the way the movie flowed and some things were brushed over quickly (Bond's torture on that stretchy machine - man he recuperated fast, Lippe not being burned, etc), not explained (the scientist working with Largo) or didn't make sense. For example, like when Bond was called to meet with M and the other officials who are briefing all the agents on the stolen bombs. Bond comes in wearing a suit with a blue shirt and hangs up his hat, but after the conference scene when Bond is talking to M, he's wearing a different color suit with a tan shirt and his hat is gone! I thought those three scenes were supposed to take place at the same time, but then why is Bond wearing a different suit (M as well)? Why is his hat gone? Ok, then I thought those scenes happened at a different time, but then I noticed Moneypenny was wearing the same outfit! It doesn't make sense!!! Anyways, I thought the novel did a much better job telling the story, and the movie was just taking fragments from scenes here and there. Aside from that, I did like Largo, Volpe, and the scene with Spectre agents.

    Favorite moment(s): The scene at the Kiss Kiss Bang club thingy. Bond looking around, dancing with Volpe, thinking how to get out that predicament. Of course, the "She's dead" line is a classic.

    Grade: C-

    You Only Live Twice:
    I can't remember if this or Octopussy was my first James Bond movie, but anyways, I have a soft spot for this one. I really enjoyed it especially the climax at the volcano. Having just finished reading the novel, I was able to see what they used or didn't and what worked and what didn't. Being that I'm a fan of Japanese tokusatsu, I really enjoyed seeing Bond in Japan and at times I understood some of the Japanese being spoken. My only quip was Tiger referring to Bond as "Bond-san" when it should be clearly be pronounced as "Bondo-san". It was even referenced like that in the book. Anyways, it was a good movie despite SC not delivering his best performance. The rest of the cast was good though.

    Favorite moment(s): The climax at the volcano. Very exciting! Also I always laugh when the Blofeld is trying to hold down his terrified cat as the explosions are going on. Poor kitty.

    Grade: B
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    Skyfall - a couple of hours ago..
  • Quantum of Solace. Been a while since I've seen it, and forgot a few things. It's an ok action film, no more, no less. At least it's not boring.
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    The Living Daylights

    Hadn't seen it in a while, since April I am pretty certain, so it was good to view it again in my Bondathon! Enjoyed it like always! Dalton is superb, the soundtrack is one of Barry's finest and one of Bond's finest, the plot is complex and intriguing, the action is definitely steps above AVTAK's, and the locations are nicely varied. Even the villains were pretty good, although they are somewhat forgettable when you think about it, except maybe Necros.

    Bondathon Ranking:

    1. A View to a Kill
    2. For Your Eyes Only
    3. The Living Daylights
    4. From Russia with Love
    5. Octopussy
    6. Live and Let Die
    7. The Man with the Golden Gun
    8. The Spy Who Loved Me
    9. Thunderball
    10. Diamonds Are Forever
    11. Moonraker
    12. Dr. No
    13. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    14. You Only Live Twice
    15. Goldfinger
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    License to Kill

    Such a great decision in taking the darker route, because we are given one of the greatest Bond movies to ever be produced! Dalton fits the bill absolutely perfectly, the villains, particularly Franz Sanchez and Dario, are quite memorable, the dialogue is amazingly quote-worthy, the action is not too over-the-top but rather just right and VERY epic, and the soundtrack is splendid! It is also pretty under-rated, I mean I thought Kamen did a really nice job capturing the dark atmosphere and the Mexican themes at the same time. The only letdown was the use of locations. Outside of the Bahamas (good ol' USA!), there isn't much to offer. The Mexican locations are extremely dull, sadly. Still though, it is not enough to ruin the movie, because too many other great factors take its place!

    Bondathon Ranking:

    1. License to Kill
    2. A View to a Kill
    3. For Your Eyes Only
    4. The Living Daylights
    5. From Russia with Love
    6. Octopussy
    7. Live and Let Die
    8. The Man with the Golden Gun
    9. The Spy Who Loved Me
    10. Thunderball
    11. Diamonds Are Forever
    12. Moonraker
    13. Dr. No
    14. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    15. You Only Live Twice
    16. Goldfinger
  • The Man With The Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me.

    TMWTGG: Definitely not as bad as I remember. I remember it being slow and boring but this time I actually enjoyed it. Something about it seems well put together. Regardless, it still doesn't hold a patch on most of the other films up to this point so it's further down the list.

    TSWLM: This and You Only Live Twice define the cinematic James Bond. A greatest hits package that puts together all the right ingredients but has a rather bland villain and a weak Bond girl. Still, it's easily Moore's best.

    01. From Russia With Love / On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    03. Dr. No
    04. Goldfinger
    05. Thunderball
    06. The Spy Who Loved Me
    07. You Only Live Twice
    08. Live And Let Die
    09. The Man With The Golden Gun
    10. Diamonds Are Forever
  • Just finished 'The World Is Not Enough' in my movie-a-day marathon until 'Skyfall' hits IMAX here in the U.S. on Thursday.

    Can't believe it's just one more Brosnan film until Craig...almost there!
  • Never Say Never Again

    Hadn't seen this one in a long time. Really disappointing movie IMO, Connery gives his best performance since TB and is in shape for the first time since TB as well. The issues come with flat characters and very cheesy acting everywhere else. Sound track sounds cheesy as well and it just lacks something that the 'official' Bond's seem to have. Climax of the film was a real snore fest.
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    bondboy007 wrote:
    Never Say Never Again

    Hadn't seen this one in a long time. Really disappointing movie IMO, Connery gives his best performance since TB and is in shape for the first time since TB as well. The issues come with flat characters and very cheesy acting everywhere else. Sound track sounds cheesy as well and it just lacks something that the 'official' Bond's seem to have. Climax of the film was a real snore fest.

    Definitely agree with you on your thoughts, especially about the climax. Seriously, there's nothing to it except a slight gun battle, which lasts maybe 20 seconds (compare this to others like YOLT, TSWLM, TLD, which have great gun battles), a brief stun grenade intervention from the CIA, and a minor underwater battle between Bond and Max Largo, which really isn't anything compared to the underwater fights in Thunderball. Really disappointing for sure!
  • Watched 'Die Another Day' today...I still cringed as I watched it, knowing that 40 years of Bond history was essentially being killed off by that film.
  • Quantum of Solace

    Watched it for only the second time since i went to the movies on opening night all those years ago.
    My first thought was, i remember why i didn't wanna' watch it again. I dislike the cinematography with a passion, it doesn't work on a Bond movie. There is a lot going on and i can only see half of it because of how its filmed!

    Dan performs well as he always does, both the girls are solid but lack special quality. Greene is the most forgettable villain to grace the franchise, seriously weak. However the flick has a few good moments, namely the Opera scene and the touching, all be it, brief moments between Bond and Camille.

    Still one of the weaker movies in the series.

    Next up ....hmmm im not sure someone throw me a suggestion.
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    On Her Majesty's Secret Service:
    Despite Lazenby's subpar performance, this is a really great film. I enjoyed every minute of it. Even scenes (at Piz Gloria with the girls) that I thought took longer and were somewhat boring the first time I saw it, actually moved faster and weren't as bad this time. Really loved Diana Rigg, and her scenes were Lazenby were great - at times I was grinning at the screen. Love Telly Savalas and his perhaps my favorite Blofeld. The ending just so tragic.

    Favorite Moment(s): The action scenes were really great especially the skiing, stock car race, and the bobsled chase.

    Grade: A

    Diamonds are Forever:
    After how great OHMSS was, this film is kinda of a letdown. It started out ok, but then it became meh. Some things just seems to campy (the moonbuggy chase, Blofeld in drag, the disposal of Mr. Wint). Why did Sean Connery even bother to return as I thought he didn't add too much. I liked Tiffany Case at the beginning of the film, but then she just became one of the ditzy girls. Charles Gray as Blofeld was bad, I just didn't find him as appealing like Savalas who I found to be more menacing and intelligent. The way he was "killed" in the bathsub was so anticlimatic. It should have been a big battle between him and Bond, but nothing.

    Favorite Moment(s): The fight with Peter Franks.

    Grade: C

    Live and Let Die:
    I know people say this movie is dated, but it's still quite enjoyable. I'm not even bother by those dated elements, and I think they work well with this film. Even though this is Roger Moore's first Bond film, I think he comes off as being comfortable in the role. His introduction is as great as Connery's or Lazenby's, but it shows thatI like how he present himself and how he delivers his lines. The rest of the cast was great as well. Kananga and his gang were fun to watch. I like how Jane Seymour plays Solitaire in this innocent style that I buy it. I even like Sheriff Pepper in this one. Even though some scenes were filmed in the US, they didn't seem boring like they did in DAF.

    Favorite Moment(s): The boat chase. I also enjoyed that they were moving away from the rear-projection stuff and more live action shots. I was also surprised with the bit of music that played during this sequence that I thought was from CR, but it was here! Did not know that.

    Grade: B
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