John Barry's Snow Job is THE GREATEST trailer music I've EVER heard

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I might add it to the new Arnold Schwarzenegger trailer 'The Last Stand' to illustrate how it works so well for any action trailer. :) The section starting at 42 second up to 1 mins 22 seconds is the greatest trailer music ever. I've heard so many trailer music tracks but this is the best I've ever heard and it's not even trailer music!!!! Total perfection.


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    Thanks for this link, I was not aware of this track (I have blocked AVTAK out of my mind). The guitar is certainly great, but the horns have a bit too much reverb for my taste. All in all very 80s, but classic.
  • Look at the end of the movie TLD...While Kara is playing the Orchestra Director is JOHN BARRY. His first cameo on his last Bond movie
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    It's a great track but seriously, we're not going to open up separate threads for each track on the Bond scores.

    Continue this talk here please.
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