Online Multiplayer: Bloodstone 360 & GE2010 Wii

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Anybody out there still playing the online MP modes for either Bloodstone 360 or GE2010?

Due to work, family, & life in general I don't get on there as much as I'd like, but try to do both at least once a fortnight.....

I show up as The Preacher711 for xbox, and Bill Tanner for GE2010.....

Feel free to say hi and party up if you're there....


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    I'm on X360 once in a while, DeBleuchamp for all of you who are also playing this good game...
  • Cheers MartinBond- I'll keep my eye out for you....
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    I recently ordered a copy of Bloodstone for the 360. I think it would be really cool if we could get an MI6 group going.

    My gamer tag is Hilikusoh. I'll start adding people when the game arrives.
  • Sounds good Bartleby.

    Had a quick go last night.... still a few diehard players out there!!!
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    Been playing Bloodstone for 360. I enjoyed the story, and trying now to finish on 007 mode. Multiplayer is a blast; those 10 minute matches tend to eat away at my day too often.

    My gamertag is Seabat31 for the 360.
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    I love playing Blond Stone on XBOX Live. My gamertag is the same as my name on here. Look forward to playing with you guys.
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    I play GoldenEye 2010 Online multiplayer, and my gamertag is the same as here- 00Beast. I'm on very frequently, so I hope to see some of you guys!
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    if any of you got 360 - and want to add me... my gamertag is... FATFUUKRFRMOH1O

    just give a heads up where your from, so as i don't delete the request lol.
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