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    Vaguely interesting to see that Raiders and Last Crusade both moved from PG to 12A for their rereleases, whereas Fargo came down from an 18 to 15.
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    The BBFC did a case study of Casino Royale and the reason they gave it a 12A and 12 on DVD release despite having the torture scene is that "Bond films are something of a 'known quantity', and many viewers will therefore have an expectation that Bond may be captured, tortured, or placed in precarious situations, but that he will always survive and overthrow the villain." Which makes for funnier reading after No Time to Die.

    Here's the link I think it's quite interesting how they decided these things.
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    Here's a cool photo showing Ms Lynch in Scotland with the Valhalla, which was later replaced with the DBS using CG of course.

    It never driven by her or James Bond
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    Well it was until the CG guys removed it! :)
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    There have always been prudes when it comes to James Bond but I think there are less of them about nowadays than there were in, say, the 1960s. Most sensible people have come to the realisation that we live in a violent world and Bond is merely the mirror of the Age that he inhabits. Seven complaints to the BBFC isn't many in the grand scheme of things and there are always people who complain about films, books and art without any true understanding of what they're complaining about.
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    I hoped NTTD was first movie who going to use 14 logo introduced in January 2021. But it don't, there can have considerd to use drugs symbol as 4th logo besides the 12, Violence and Fair.


    Doctor Strange 2 be second movie who will get 14 rank on the DVD/BD release. In the cinema the movie get first 12 symbol, but changed to 14 very fast. After We Collided was first one with 14.
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