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"...when her secret gets out, it will be the death of him..."

Declassification of JANUS V has been “Necessitated” and officially “Authorised”...


The “Post Continental Movement” has already begun…

JANUS Directive V is now in “Cascade Operation”
[See “Death and Rebirth” Blue Iris META-ARG July 7th, 2008- September 11th 2011]

[Forum Manifold September 11th X Year Memorial META-ARG Page II Security Deleted]

[Under Rotating OTP File Lock]

[All JANUS “Didactic Data” has been “Hard-Drived”, “Chronicled”, “Recorded”, “Profiled” & “Spidered” for the “Neo-Future”]

“You will only see what you want me to see…because you keep it all inside”

“I’ll always be who you want me to be because you’re a double 00nside”

“Tell me where he is…”

“Do you know what this organisation is called?”

“Its name is JANUS”

“And do you know what [http] links them?”

“What the hell is this organisation… how can they be everywhere, and we know nothing about them Bond?”



“What do you say about someone like that?

“I want to meet your employer?”

“Make no mistake, this man works only for himself…”

“One week ago, you lost the drive containing the identity of every agent embedded in technological organisation activity throughout the globe…”





“…already begun to destabilize the “obsolete” 2010-2016 & 2016-2019
United Kingdom Governments”

From: [[email protected]]
Sent: 01 June 2016 05:18
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Freedom of Speech and The Spectator in the 21st Century


Santiago, Chile, South America -- London, England, United Kingdom

To Fraser Nelson (Editor: The Spectator)

I am writing to you as a subscriber and long-time reader about the matter of Freedom of Speech and the online website. I understand running a magazine in the digital age is beset with problems and have read through the Disqus website terms before sending this. Genuinely I am confused as to the reason for several of my comments concerning the “Referendum” being excluded from your site over the last two weeks. There are numerous examples of direct insults and even worse that slip through the cracks easily and lower the tone of the overall online publication in a very direct way yet for some reason my stance on this issue appears to be causing an issue.

In addition, the level of spam and marketing comments is getting out of hand and now regularly avoid them in the comments section. I would not wish the Spectator to follow The Telegraph’s lead in apparently banning comments outright, as it fosters reader interaction and actually creates new topics; with at times the discussions in this area proving a springboard for new avenues of debate and probably future articles or even ideas for your writers.

I mention this issue directly to you as a result of the juxtaposition on your article on the Internets War on Freedom of Speech published within your magazine.

I appreciate it is Friday, and your working week will be taxing in the extreme; this may not seem like something that is worth your time. However, as a long-time reader whose voice it appears is silenced by your magazine without explanation and feeling slightly disenfranchised despite my loyalty as a result, I felt compelled to write.
I am at a loss as to why your online team feel this is inappropriate for your magazine, given the vapidity of some comments that are in fact allowed.


Vector: The Spectator Magazine: [First published July 1828]

Santiago, Chile, South America Vector London, England, United Kingdom

Outcome – Inevitable

If this referendum has proven anything it is that unfortunately, our Prime Minister is lacking the one part of a skeleton most required for his position, that of a "backbone".

Orchestrating this debate into what has become a version of the Eton Wall Game with the "Exiters" as Collegers against the Neo Liberal Conservative machine of the "Oppidians". As in the wall game the Collegers have the disadvantage in numbers, but they do have the advantage of controlling the field of play. It would do well for Cameron to remember this as the self-destruction of his own party continues around him and we still have four weeks to go. Does he really believe or think harmony can be created in the aftermath and the growing unease surrounding his entire capitulation, campaigning and beyond over this drastically important issue, one whose importance he has continually underestimated?

For an individual that promised so much on paper to hopefully be a great Prime Minister; I feel distinctly let down by the destination we have arrived at with regards to the content and character of the man. The current state of the Conservative party is an inversion of its ideology, and reminds me of a 21st Century version of Animal Farm set in a Zoo with Cameron as an ageing Lion accepting his captivity and Boris a Napoleon-esque upstart longing for freedom, intent on taking all the caged species with him to the promised land. In the end there can only be one leader of the Pride. This will get even more politically bloody before June 23rd as Johnson smells an air of weakness surrounding the Prime Minister and he knows this maybe the only opportunity for advancement.

Who knows if life outside the cages would indeed be better; yet is it not preferable to try, than never even know or experience what lies beyond the horizon? A comfortable captivity contrasting against the freedom and dangers of Ray Bradbury's The Veldt.

I believe the majority of the population in this country are only now seeing Cameron's true colours unmasked during the last twelve months although there have been hints and slights for many years. Real Conservative's held out in vain, hoping, even praying with a slender majority he would turn blue and be some sort of heir to Neo-Thatcherism with more humanity. In the end a mix of Blair and a younger inexperienced David Llyod George was not what it said on the ballot.

Unsurprisingly his colours have remained blue and generated a larger volume of yellow, the colours of the coalition that allowed Cameron to expand his agenda of transformation of the Conservatives to something now many of its members do not even recognise or endorse. They are only now through the vehicle of the referendum able to say this openly. With the absence of any professional real political opposition it has come to the point that resistance has been generated from within.

It has been difficult to transform the Conservative Party this century into an entity that would be electable after many failed attempts, especially after the subterfuge and duplicity created by the dark years of New Labour; then to instil any form of trust back into political life post Iraq.

Yet in the next six weeks nobody truly knows where any of the players will be, come the morning of June 24th and what state the party will move to next depending on who remains, or gains control. Civil War has truly broken out undoing all of the progress made this century and leaving a question mark over the very legitimacy of David Cameron as Prime Minister.

If Steve Hilton is correct and the end result of a truly modern Conservative Party in outlook and intention is to leave Europe, then the political future of the party, and indeed this Prime Minister will now not be decided only by the party members and the “Members of Parliament” but by the population as a whole. For Cameron to have gambled so much credibility over this issue and diminished his reputation this quickly over the last year since the General Election is truly staggering.

Perhaps David Cameron is failing the most significant test of his tenure as British Prime Minister as he so heavily, and unwisely assumed the British public plus the totality of his Cabinet would welcome his predetermined stance and position on the EU; that was in fact a de-facto capitulation to Brussels. The only rational and sensible decision was to be honest about the lack of any form of movement in negotiations and excise himself from taking any side leaving the question totally objective or as close as could be accomplished. Stating that he could not in all good conscience endorse his failed attempt.

His honesty would have been refreshing and allowed both wings of the Conservative Party to debate openly without fear of recrimination. It would also have ensured his limited future no matter the outcome; leaving the matter in the hands of the populous finally once and for all. It is a crying shame that if David Cameron had spoken his mind honestly, or even backed an exit with reluctance due to the reality of his failure, he may have gone down as the first great British Prime Minister since Thatcher: In doing what no politician who reaches high office seems capable of this century, from Obama to Clinton, Sarkozy, Merkel and Blair. That of speaking the truth without distortion and adhering to principles, backed with the moral judgement and will of those that they serve.

Whatever the outcome on June the 24th the road in front for the Conservatives now seems uncertain; with such self-generated destruction. This should bring pause for thought to anyone that cares about the United Kingdom but also the health of the party and its future.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this letter and look forward to more excellent work from you in the years ahead.


“Do you know what is at stake here?”

“When it’s better not to ask for reasons why”

“In the end…”

“This is the world’s most precious resource we need to control as much of it as we can…”

“JANUS Defensive Systems” have been validated by “Neo-Tech-International Law” at this [http] “experiential time and thought point” to be “activated”
with “countermeasure expansion architecture” instigated with “extreme prejudice”.


Janus Declassification of-
the “Enemy Within”

[Updated to Present Day]
Leftistic Sensibilities

In “thought space” use “critical theory” & “techno collectivism” as a vector &
“faux-orthogonality” to attempt to negate “actual” “thought & expression”. These individuals are easily identifiable in “thought space” operating no more than crypto-sociocolistic communist sensibilities of action agenda and intention.

These individuals are here-by named “users” of “thought space” and thus and forever named COUNTERS [See A New Dimensionality of Personality Blue Iris META-ARG 2008-11]


-Interlude of Clarity-

Disorderly Conduct: Recent Art in Tumultuous Times presents works of art made between 2001 and 2008, a period bracketed by the trauma of 9/11 and the drama of the upcoming presidential election. The exhibition features creative works, by nine artists who engage with the major issues of our day, such as conflict and war, violence, racial tension, urban strife and environmental disaster. Their works reflect upon or perform the different types of disorder that they observe around them – in politics and government, in projection, photography, drawing, technology, sculpture, and the installations they create contemporary allegories, often employing varying styles and contexts to convey a sense of physical or psychic dislocation. Their individual voices are poetic rather than didactic, poignant rather than shrill. The striking images, iconic structures, and evocative performances on view in Disorderly Conduct are indicative of the power of art to represent our times

Born Los Angeles California

Lives and works in Los Angeles

KAINO references oppositional forces, conflict, and war in “Learn to Win or You Will Take Losing for Granted” (2005). This oversize chessboard is constructed of wood salvaged from vintage ammunition crates, while its game pieces are cast hands making gestures that can be interpreted as either positive (thumbs-up, peace sign) or negative (raised middle finger, gang salutes, claws). KAINO alludes to the way moral and political complexities are oversimplified and bifurcated into good versus evil, black versus white, “with us” or “against us” The sculpture is surrounded by a series of One Hour Paintings, close up portraits of professional chess players each completed in sixty minutes using a chess timer. These images reveal the intense focus and strategizing that eventually leads to triumph.


-A Digital Rezolution Beyond the Aesthetics of Play-

JANUS PSYCHOLOGY identifies personality types in cyberspace, [http] space, physical and “thought space” operating in and out-with “hypertext didactic manifolds” then beyond.

-Faces of the Opposition-


I. COUNTERS are named as users of Deception as a vector to attain ends.

II. OPERATORS are identified as users of Authority as a vector to produce goals.

III. CAPITALISERS are identified as users of Economy as a vector to reach targets.

IV. THEORISTS are identified as users of Argument as a vector to eradicate Counters

These sub-groups compete for dominance within manifolds in easily visible hierarchies

V. RADICALS are unidentifiable as they do not have ends, goals or targets

VI. INFLUENCERS mould the didactic channels through force & suggestion

VII. DREAMERS offer ideas and creativity to pursue their own path of expression

VIII. OBSTINATORS exist only to block meaningful discourse in anyway

These sub-groups do not compete for dominance within manifolds but merely act and respond independently

IX. HEADS dictate, distort and manipulate order for their own ends

X. MARTYRS identify and expose all forms of incongruity

This personality pairing eventually always conflict due to diametrically opposed thought streams leading to high levels of disorder, disturbance and conflict

-Guidelines of Manifolds-

I. Within “Hypertext Didactic Manifolds HIVE MIND or SYSTEM MENTALITY is in effect

II. SYSTEM MENTALITY always degenerates into CULT PSYCHOLOGY over time as a specific end product with specific FIGUREHEADS taking up these roles openly or at times clandestinely

III. The HIVE knowingly or unknowingly, willingly or forced protect the FIGUREHEADS at all costs

IV. Defensive mechanisms take the shape of HIVE GESTALTS

V. With specific forward planning CULT PSYCHOLOGY can be exposed, displaced and finally eradicated from a MANIFOLD

VI. The HIVE or SYSTEM can be distorted, altered, reshaped, reset, exposed or even shut down by working within or without a specific course or framework

VII. After a successful shutdown THE COLLECTIVE will reorganize, reshape, adapt then migrate

-The Janus Directives-

I. JANUS PSYCHOLOGY is built on a FOUNDATION of ARCHITECTONIC PLANNAR ARRANGEMENTS analogous to LINEARITY, MODULARITY and ACTUALITY that hold, and supersede all legitimacy in [http] space.

II. JANUS PSYCHOLOGY operates under constructs above duality.

III. JANUS PSYCHOLOGY is an expansion and adaptation of the field of Cyberpsychology.

IV. JANUS PSYCHOLOGY states “Thou shalt not distort “thought space” for thine own ends”.

These individuals use manipulate and distort the hierarchy of “thought space” for their own ends in anyway... using a misplaced and misguided form of dominance, darkness & deceptionality that “they” see fit.

This outlined vector is disingenuous, duplicitous and dangerous.

This is in order to stabilize what they perceive to be their own perception of multi-form.

These individuals will stop at nothing to ensure no honesty of expression operates within or out with a manifold.

“They” use the form of the “multi layered gestalt” or MLG with “multi-user dungeon” sub-directories = MUD-SD

Social Network Users are defined thus so...

The agenda of locus is most akin to void socialistic political theory

Individuality is diminished and replaced with

Threshold I

Threshold II

Threshold III

There is no IV threshold for these individuals as the next categorical is “VOID POLITICAL THEORY”

Thus, this lexicon is categorised and classified as logographic and eventually plateaus to disorder...

"James Bond...License to kill, history of violence... I could be speaking to my own reflection. Only your skills will die with your body, while mine will survive long after I'm gone.

History isn't kind to men who play God."



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