Daniel Craig Era in Retrospect:What does he mean to you.



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    I will write more later. Just to say that Craig's films mean a lot to me.
    He gave us a new world, new Bond that was so real, gritty, vulnerable, and always ALWAYS compelling. I like some of his films more than others, but I do actually like and enjoy all his films. I rate CR and SF very highly and now NTTD has joined that group. I love his portrayal of Bond. I like that his entire tenure really covers his whole story arc. I am so glad his Bond is part of the canon now. We have many different kinds of Bond films. Daniel gave us a lot that was fresh, different, pulsatingly real. I still have other favorite films, but yes Daniel Craig as Bond has been very rewarding and enriching for me, as an older fan (since 1971).

    Agree with every word. I think Craig has been more important to the franchise than many people realize or are willing to admit. The strength of his portrayal has given EON the courage and conviction to push boundaries which had to be pushed. The result is that Bond is again fresh, up to date and cool, where it easily could have aged into fan cult obscurity.

    Whoever succeeds him has a mountain to climb.
  • I've had a few days to reflect on No Time To Die and I'm glad he's done. I've loved him as Bond, but his tenure started to feel stale. I'd rank NTTD right in the middle of his five movies. I have a feeling EoN are going to sell Bond.
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    Daniel is my favourite Bond actor, he made James Bond a relatable flawed hero again and I thank him for that. He reinvigorated my love for this amazing character

    This sounds ridiculous, but when I was a kid whenever I felt unsure of myself, I'd ask myself what would Bond do and now as a man I think what would Daniel's Bond do. Which is probably why I have a girlfriend who I hope to make my wife one day. So cheers Dan mate 🍸
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    Farwell Mr. Craig
    By Daniel Krohn
    I am reminded of a line M says in the Skyfall trailer about 007 “what do you say about a man like that” ...
    Well, what do you say about Daniel Craig that hasn't already been said by everyone else? Warning this will be a very long post discussing my own life as well as Craig's tenure including the 5 films the 5 video games the 2 mobile games and his influence on at least one of the novels and how they interconnect.

    To start off I honestly don’t remember what my first bond film was (I know it’s shocking positively shocking) I know I played the game version of Goldeneye for the N64 religiously as a kid, As well as The World is Not Enough, and would watch all the bond films when it was the 007 days of Christmas on TBS. I remember as a kid loving the harder edged films the 2 Dalton films the early Connery and of course Lazenby's one offering On Her Majesties Secret Service. The Moore and Brosnan ones I only began to appreciate recently.

    As I graduated High School in 2004, I was greeted with the news that Pierce Brosnan would no longer be 007. No love lost as at the time (although his 4 films have had sort of renaissance with me in the last decade but let not get into that.) I yearned for the days of Dalton of early Connery the brutal gritty 007. After the last few films, I felt the things I wanted from a Bond film were just never going to happen. The days of Rock and Roll title themes and Fleming tiles... of Dark edged bond and Flemngesque plots were all sadly in the rear-view mirror the next Bond would likely be Brosnan 2.0 with the same silly quips the same over the top gadgets and plots etc...

    And then October 14th, 2005, happened. Daniel Craig was announced as the 6th actor to play Bond in Casino Royale... a Fleming title could it honestly be. While Daniel Craig's name sounds actually very similar to my own, I was already intrigued due to my own ego. Though to be honest much like when Christian Bale was cast, I had no idea who Craig was. Someone and I honestly forget who private messaged me on some bond forum I was on or maybe IMDB (remember when IMDB had forums...) that since I loved Dalton, I would love Craig...

    While there were many who hated Craig's bond before they even saw the film, I was a believer. I saw the Teaser and main trailer several times in 2006 and would listen to Bond's new Bio on the interactive Casino Royale website (remember when websites were interactive and had games and fun things you could do). I even spent hours playing the interactive Poker game which scared my mom until I assured her A) this wasn't real money and B) I wished it was as I had amazed 50 million fake dollars that couldn't be used for anything. I then heard the Chris Cornell was going to do the theme song... "Chris Cornell is going to sing some bland ballad to a rip off tune of Goldfinger" I thought. Then I heard You Know My Name... Holy cow a Rock bond theme like Live and Let Die or A view to a Kill or The Living Daylights... My 20-year-old self could barely believe it. Then in a cold November I saw Casino Royale... Not only is this a brilliant film my wife who hates most action movies loves this film. The film was flawless... Sure I would have liked them to have a name for the organization Le Chiffe was a part of but still one minor flaw compared to the brilliance of this film. I got the DVD that Easter and honestly watched it a ton on my PC back in the day and to this day every year at least once I see Casino Royale usually with My wife. It even inspired the theme of my bachelor party. It was everything I wanted and more. I started reading the Fleming books because of it. I read them out of order of course starting with the Compilations of short stories after Casino Royale and then reading each on based on what was available at the bookstore or based on what was going on in my life. For example, Diamonds Are Forever in February due to my sisters engagement that year.

    Then came 2008. I figured the Follow up to Casino Royale would be back to business. Sure, we got one film with a dark and gritty Bond, a mysterious organization, a Fleming Plot, a Fleming title and a Rock theme song, but twice in a row... yeah, right and I am Santa Claus... Well ho ho ho as January 24, 2008, we got the title of the 22nd Bond film... my favorite of the then unused titles Quantum of Solace... Two Fleming titles in a row... To quote Connery "I must be dreaming." this news caused me to join every Bond forum I could find. I was genuinely so excited. With each production still and poster and trailer I was more and more excited eagerly anticipating the film. Then I had the craziest week in summer 2008 we got the announcement of the new lead singer of Yes (which was also highly anticipated by me and wound-up being Benoit David) and that Jack White and Alicia Keys would do the theme. Many people dislike Another Way to Die but I love it. The guitar riff alone is amazing. We also got the announcement of a new Bond game which made me even more excited but more on that in a bit. That cold day in November (I live in New England November is never warm period) I was once again blown away by a Bond film I absolutely loved. Much like Casino Royale I usually watch Quantum of Solace once a year as well. I even wrote my undergraduate History Senior seminar paper on how the James bond films reflect real world concerns.

    I originally got the PS2 version of Quantum of Solace played and beat it multiple times. I then got an Xbox 360 that summer and played and beat that game multiple times. I was on cloud nine essentially 2 great Bond games a rumored 3rd coming out in 2009 (which got pushed to 2010) ... Then the economic turmoil of the late 2000's happened it was 2009 I had no job prospects and worse for bond fans MGM was bankrupt so in essence Bond was weirdly in the same place as me, stuck.

    As the months dragged on and I was in endless temp job after endless temp job with no real footing (though I learned how to get a job so fast that I was once able to make the turnaround time be within the last paycheck period after a company let me go.) In that period, we got two excellent Bond video games that caused me to even get a Wii. E3 2010 seeing the Goldeneye 2010 trailer and the Bloodstone Trailer I was beyond excited again. I get to play as my favorite Bond in not 1 but 2 adventures, with Craig providing the voice. I was over the moon. While both games had their flaws (why can’t bond ever play cards in video games?) They were still enjoyable sequences. I also made a ton of fan trailers during this time. Each with one of Flemings short story titles (and Hilary duff as the Bond girl) they aren’t the best, but they are still on YouTube. Of course, my biggest regret of the Craig era is not having The Hildebrand Rarity (my favorite unused title) be used during his tenure but more on that at the end when I do my final wrap up.

    A quick note on the books during the Craig tenure. I honestly don't believe Jeffery Deaver could have done Carte Blanche without Casino Royale the Film sort of lighting the way. While there is no mention to the events of Casino Royale, I honestly always felt that the events of the book took place within the Craig universe. I am likely the only one but still it was a good read in 2011.

    The same day I got my first real IT job (that sadly was very temporary due to a snafu with the agency I was working for) the title of the 23rd Bond film was leaked Skyfall. The title became official fall 2011, The worst kept secret in Hollywood according to Micael G Wilson. As the months wore on my GF at the time said it was over. As this was going on and the production of Skyfall went on, I was suffering from an unhappy relationship. My ex-Gf dumped me summer of 2012. The reason this is notable is I got to use a bond line in one of the last conversations I had with her she had mention how fun it was to be single and
    I said, "well everyone needs a hobby."
    She said, "so what’s yours?"
    I responded coldly "Resurrection."
    And hung up the phone it's nice when life hands you moments like that.

    That summer I also met my future wife, Amanda. The first film we ever went to together was Skyfall. It was also the first song that was our song as it made me think of her. There was also a new Bond game called 007 legends that I played not as much as Goldeneye Reloaded or Blood stone due to Craig not providing the voice an honest shame in my opinion as his voice work in both versions of Quantum Bloodstone and Goldeneye were quite nice.

    The Film Skyfall was and always has been just ok to me. I appreciate it a little more now than when it first came out but M dying, and the lack of a Fleming title was kind of well annoying to me. Considering all I heard the 4 years leading up to Skyfall was that it was going to be titled The Property of a Lady... I recently re-watched it in order to get reacquainted with the Craig era (having watched Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace earlier in the year) I found myself enjoying the film more than I would have thought. Are the timeline flaws still there. yup... am I still annoyed Bond basically fails his mission... yup... but it not as bad as I remembered and may rewatch it more frequently and add now a third film to watch once a year.

    As production was gearing up on Bond 24, I had started my official IT Career. Me and Amanda were falling in love and popped the question to her February 2014. As Amanda and I planned our wedding a different kind of planning was going on over at EON productions for the 24th James Bond film Spectre. I still remember the day Spectre was announced. It was sadly the last time we got an official title reveal so far, as No Time to Die was just kind of put up on Facebook. To this day Me and Amanda still make fun of the announcer who said how everything would ‘excite bond fans across the globe,’ had the guy continued for five more minutes Amanda either would have missed the reveal or would have been late for work. She arrived on time and we both got to see the title of the 24th Bond film was Spectre. While I wanted to see Quantum continue, I was intrigued to see where this new chapter would take Bond. Of course, the Sony leaks happened and yes, I read all the info. Though as nervous as I was, I still held out hope that it would somehow come together. I ironically started my first real IT job when production was beginning on Spectre in summer 2013 and I left my first real IT job for another position elsewhere the day Spectre Premiered in the US.

    As I said three times before it was a Cold day in November when I saw Spectre with my wife. I will say this, I don’t think Craig is 100% the issue with Spectre. And in fact, in a recent rewatching of the first hour (time has run out so I will finish the film after I see No time to Die) I found myself enjoying it… It has its issues. The stupid brother plot of Bond and Blofeld being adoptive brothers is just obviously bad. The car chase in Rome is surprisingly boring when it should have been beautiful and exciting, (I shouldn’t be thinking about the contents of Moneypenny’s fridge ever let alone during a chase sequence.) The end climax is silly and letting Blofeld live is just weird. Is it the worst bond film ever nope but is it the worst Craig bond film yeah. Of course, I can’t sum up Spectre without saying I hate Writing on the Wall by Sam Smith. Even last night I was talking to Amanda saying why are Bond title songs so depressing as No Time To Die by Billie Eillish is also kind of depressing though more on that later.
    Another point to make is sadly in 2013 Activision (who was making the 007 games during the Craig tenure) stopped making them. This was extremely annoying to me as each E3 I held out hope that a new studio would be announced to have the Bond license. Only to be disappointed year after year. We did sort of get two mobile games one, The World of Espionage, was horrible and after 3 minutes I never played it again. The other was an unofficial game called Mi6 agent this one I play occasionally despite it not working at all. I said I will get the new video game system when the new Bond game came out and I am standing by that. As hopefully I am getting the new Xbox hopefully for my birthday so I will be able to play Project 007, which I believe is coming out next year.
    For many they assumed that this was it for the Craig. After all, Brosnan had done four films surely Craig would follow suite. Well, he announced August 15th, 2017, that he would be back and don’t call me Shirley. A final film to wrap up his tenure. At this point I had a steady job and apart from some personal issues that I was able to resolve things were going quite well in my life. Of course, in the production for No Time to Die I have gone through a few jobs including being on the front lines during a pandemic, working in a hospital doing IT work. I also managed to lose a ton of weight and yet after losing another job I sadly gained it all back. Though all that is past I am working a good job I have a beautiful wife and tonight I will see Daniel Craig’s final bond Film No Time to die. Which sadly didn’t have a big title reveal like Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre did.
    We did go through 2 directors, with Danny Boyle coming on only to exit the project, He did say in 2012 he would never make a Bond film and he stuck to his guns. The announcement of the first American director Cary Joji Fukunaga, in the official series was met with intrigue. As I always suggest a few American directors. I was hoping the film would be titled The Garden of Death or The Hildebrand Rarity. But sadly, as I was in between jobs on a Wednesday we got the title for the 25th film No time to Die. I will be honest and admit I am sad that only 3 out of Craig’s 5 films had Fleming titles, (yes, I am counting Spectre as a Fleming title.) Though I was still excitingly anticipating the film. While the title reveal was haphazard, I did watch the trailer for the first time with Amanda. Which was an incredible experience. Hearing the Billie Eilish song was met with mixed feeling in our household neither me nor Amanda love the song and as said above we both are wondering why Bond songs are so depressing lately. And after all the false starts the pandemic etc. Tonight at 7:45 I will watch Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film No Time To Die. Though I am still hoping for one more.
    Before I get into my final thoughts, I did want to touch briefly on my regrets of the Craig era and one or two hopes for the future. The biggest regret was a lack of consistent video games from 2013-2021. Sure, there were rumors like Telltale’s 007 Solstice but nothing concrete which was an absolute shame as I loved being able to play as my favorite Bond Daniel Craig. The other issue the fact that I will never see Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 in The Hildebrand Rarity. Back in my fan art/fan trailer days I even came up with a great tagline “Some Mysteries were never meant to be solved.” I remember when I saw the Jamaica press kit for what was to become No Time to Die. I got such a Hildebrand Rarity vibe off it I almost bet money on it. Thankfully saner minds prevailed.
    As for the future sure as discussed above there is Project 007 which I am hopeful about, I enjoyed the two Hitman games I played so why wouldn’t I enjoy their 007 game. There is also a third novel coming from Anthony Horowitz which I will read even though I was not a huge fan of his last two. Do I have my hope for Actor number 7 of course but they are names we all heard before Michael Fassbender (whom my wife likes after seeing him in a period piece), Tom Hardy (who I have hoped for since Inception), or for some real popcorn fun Chris Hemsworth lol though that last one fits under the I will see it maybe second weekend out but not weekend of release.
    So, to wrap it up what can I say about a man like that? Daniel Craig’s Bond has been an influence on me and at times I wish he was more of an influence. Having ADD social skills is often a second language to me and though I still put my foot in my mouth I do watch the Craig’s Bond films to pick up style and social skills tips as well as body language tips (I must have watched the body language analysis of Casino Royale a thousand times.) At the start of Craig’s journey, I was 19, a sophomore in college who was unsure of his place in the world. Since that October day I have gone through my 20’s and half of my 30’s I saw My Uncle, Sister and even Brother get married. I myself fell in love had my heart broken only to find the most amazing woman ever and I got to marry her. I graduated college I even got my master’s in history. I don’t have all the answers, most day I don’t even have all the questions. I still need to lose about 50 pounds and my body language and social skill game is not on point but it’s getting better, but as I bid farewell to Daniel Craig with Amanda tonight one thing, I know for sure… James Bond will return.
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