NO TIME TO DIE (2021) - Discuss Hans Zimmer's Score



  • MakeshiftPythonMakeshiftPython “Baja?!”
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    Zimmer’s style of scoring is fine, and can be brilliant when done right. The unfortunate thing is that the entire music industry tries to mimic Zimmer’s rhythmic approach to scoring so we get a lot of movies with Zimmer copy cats. There are few exceptions like Joel McNeely and Michael Giacchino, who seem to be one of the few modern composers that tries adhering to a classical style of scoring. I guess you can include David Arnold, except I think fans overrate him to an insane degree.
  • VenutiusVenutius Yorkshire
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    I think it’s too bad Zimmer didn’t simply expand on the two themes Thomas Newman composed already for Madeleine.
    Yes, that was a missed opportunity, for sure.

  • SecretAgentMan⁰⁰⁷SecretAgentMan⁰⁰⁷ Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria
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    I'm still waiting patiently for NTTD's score recording sessions.
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