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    Murder Is Easy | Trailer - BBC Trailers

    Airing now on BBC1/BBCiplayer

    Edited: I enjoyed that, admittedly I have only seen the Bill Bixby version and not read the book. I forgot who the killer was, I will rewatch this to see what I missed.
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    Love Poirot and Marple stories! Both lifelong favorites, so enjoyable to read again. Along with Sherlock, too. As for being "typical" detectives, or hard to see them as realistic, well I have thoughts. Mainly I CAN picture them being real. So I consider the characters realistic enough, yes. But they are different, and I think that is quite good (and necessary).
    Both Poirot and Marple were not exactly gumshoe, physically active or strong characters. (Sherlock at least did box, fence, and us that Japanese wrestling technique I cannot remember.) Poirot and Marple were just brilliant, keen, observant, and able to think outside the box and look at things, always, from a psychological perspective. I enjoy them being eccentric in their own ways and different from all others in their worlds.

    One of my favorite Poirot stories is The ABC Murders. One of my favorite Marple stories is Nemesis. Suchet's episode on The ABC Murders is perfect, in my opinion. Joan Hickson's Nemesis also my firm favorite (and I appreciate the gentle humor with her nephew being part of the story; and also prefer the episode's final ending more than the book's).

    Oh and just because someone is old don't discount them at all as far as reasoning and deduction goes. Miss Marple has seen the gamut of humanity in her little village and she can apply all those memories, knowledge, and experience to give sharp deduction. Her instincts are also sound.

    I actually thought I would kick around an idea of writing about retirees solving murders now that I am fully (and so happily!) retired ... then I see somebody gone and done it, so to speak with the Thursday Murder Club series. I have not read any of them yet. Who of you has, and do you think they are good? I do want your opinion. Thanks! :)
    Here is a bit about it. It also says Amblin has bought the rights and there will be a film. I'm intrigued. I hope the books are good.

    I don't think either Poirot or Marple (especially the latter) are remotely believable, but neither are Indiana Jones and Lara Croft. Part of the appeal of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple is that they solve violent murder through entirely nonviolent means. It's the victory of the kind hearted thinkers over the bullies.
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    An article about ATTWN and its influence over the horror slasher genre:
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    Looking at ATTWN, it's difficult not to think that if Cubby had been around it would've been Turner's (successful) audition for Bond. £5.49 on Amazon Prime - time for another watch.
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    Poirot Star Sir David Suchet Opens Up About His Life and Career in New Tour | Good Morning Britain
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