Bond Fans of the World Unite! (4K Anniversary Screenings in San Francisco)



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    This probably isn't the place for this, but when I was out in Thailand during the theatrical release of Spectre, I picked up these promo drinking cups at the cinema. The Thais seem to love their movie promo merchandise tie-ins for virtually every single movie that comes out and Bond is no different. There was also one in a metallic spy brief case, but I didn't buy that.

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    I'll definitely be there. I'll try to see all three films, though I recently watched Goldfinger with Beatles and Hero and saw Moonraker at the Castro just a year or two ago with Beatles and Birdleson. But seeing all three films in 4K will be a new experience.

  • I'll try to make it. Is anybody else in the SF area that could join us?
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