Dr. No versus the field: Skyfall



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    DN beats SF 16-1 and Craig is just no Connery who is easily the Alpha male of the bunch, it feels like Craig is always trying to push the history of the franchise away in favor of showing how cool he is. Which I find one of the most annoying aspects of Craigs tenure, instead of being 007 on his own merits. Doctor No is an original while SF is nothing but a collection of plotholes.

    Yes I feel like the Mendes films try to ram down our throats what James Bond is - martini, DB5, tux. Whereas as recently as Casino Royale it was shown to us

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    And it was worked out a few pages ago, in another few decades it will be SF vs the field if we do one a month :D :D :D

    EDIT: I just did the maths it will be 25 years if we do one a month and 5.7 years if we do per week *lol* That's with 24 movies...

    How long will it take at the pace we are actually going at?

    @vzok There's 231 matches left. And 23 matches for DN vs the field. And it's taken 2 years. Roughly one match per month. About 20 years...plus additional time for future movies
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    I’m game... fills the gap between movies. Important to note at our current movie pace we’d only get four movies in that time, so that won’t impact the contest’s duration too much.
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    If we speed things up and play regularly then it should be fine.

    However,someone will need to take over this thread and a mod will need to allow them access to change the title often.
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    Haven't seen @Soundofthesinners , hope everything is okay. Would love to see this game continue.
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    He's been known to disappear for some time in the past. But this is a stretch.
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