At What Point in Your Life did You First see Each Bond Film, in what Setting, and with Whom?

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Inspired by a posting from @M_Balje . Mods, I have a feeling that a thread like this may already exist, feel free to direct me if that is the case.


GOLDFINGER/DOCTRO NO - 1966, Double-Bill, Drive-In, Trenton, NJ, Age 3 or 4, with Parents.
YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE/THUNDERBALL - 1970, Double-Bill, Drive-In, Pottstown, PA, Age 7 or 8, with Mother and Sister.
DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - 1971, Drive-In, Pottstown, PA or Vestal, NY, Age 8 or 9, with Mother and Sister.
LIVE AND LET DIE - 1973, Theatre, Poughkeepsie, NY, Age 10, with Sister.
FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE - 1974, ABC Television, Endicott, NY, Age 11, either with Family Members or Alone.
THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - 1974, Theatre, Binghamton, NY, Age 12, with Friends.
ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE *- 1976, ABC Television, Endicott, NY, Age 13, Alone.
THE SPY WHO LOVED ME - 1977, Theatre, Johnson City, NY, Age 14, with Friends.
MOONRAKER - 1979, Theatre, Johnson City, NY, Age 16, with Friends.
FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - 1981, Theatre, Chambersburg, PA, Age 18, Alone.
OCTOPUSSY - 1983, Theatre, Chambersburg, PA, Age 20, Alone.
NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN - 1983, Theatre, Lancaster, CA, Age 21, Alone.
A VIEW TO A KILL - 1985, Theatre, Syracuse, NY, Age 22, Alone.
THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - 1987, Theatre, Greater Los Angeles Area, Age 24, Alone.
LICENCE TO KILL - 1989, Theatre, Norwalk, CT, Age 26, with Mother.
GOLDENEYE - 1995, Theatre, Ventura County, CA, Age 33, Alone.
TOMORROW NEVER DIES - 1998, Laserdisc, Simi Valley, CA, Age 35, Alone.
THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - 1999, Theatre, Ventura County, CA, Age 37, Alone.
DIE ANOTHER DAY - 2002, Theatre, somewhere in the Bay Area Peninsula, CA, Age 40, Alone.
CASINO ROYALE - 2006, Theatre, somewhere in the Bay Area Peninsula, CA, Age 44, Alone.
QUANTUM OF SOLACE - 2008, Theatre, Cupertino, CA, Age 46, with Friends/Co-Workers.
SKYFALL - 2012, Theatre, Cupertino, CA, Age 50, with Friend.
SPECTRE - 2015, Theatre, Cupertino, CA, Age 53, with Friend.

*This was the infamous edited version that was shown over two nights, with an opening narration by Bond (not Lazenby), chopped up and out of order. I may not have seen the proper film until sometime in the late '80s or early '90s on VHS.

That took much longer than I had anticipated. Anyone else want to have a go?


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    Damned if I remember! Most will have been the special/ultimate editions. Except goldeneye which was probably on free to air tv
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    Dr No through to For Your Eyes Only (ages 7 - 10) I only saw as a kid on the television. Generally, Chrstmas, Bank Holidays etc they would be on and I'd sit and watch them with my mum. Well, I say that but my mum would mostly sit and watch them if they starred Connery. Whenever I talked Bond, mum would always bring the conversation around to Connery. That last until we lost her last year. I miss that.

    Octopussy - 1983 at my local cinema in Lancaster, Age 10, with mum. I remember a time when both this and Never Say Never Again were actually on at the same time, so I go to see them both.

    A View To A Kill - same cinema in 1985, age 12, with mum.

    The Living Daylights - 1987, same cinema but the first one I went to with friends when I was 14.

    Goldeneye - For some reason I didn't go and see this at the cinema. I waited and bought a very nice VHS boxset that included the movie, parker pen, cd of the title track and mini version of 007 Magazine. That'd have been in 1996 and I was 23 I guess.

    Tomorrow Never Dies - 1997 at my local cinema with my, then, future wife.

    The World Is Not Enough - Again, same cinema and I was 26. This time I was watching with my, now wife.

    Die Another Day
    - local cinema, with my wife and I'll have been 29 and in the job I am still in.

    Casino Royale
    - local cinema, the last Bond movie I watched in this cinema before it was closed. With the wife. I was 33.

    Quantum Of Solace - at the new, Vue cinema, local to me. Again, with the wife and I was 35.

    Skyfall - local Vue cinema again. And, as expected, with my wife. I'll have been 39 at the time.

    Spectre - 2 viewings at my local Vue cinema. One with my wife, brother and his wife in VIP seating and once with my 2 lads. Now in my 40's, I was 42.

    As you can see I don't stray far away from where I am, all in Lancaster, UK.
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    I also see that your mother, like fine, had a lot to do with fostering your interest in Bond. I'm sure you miss her very much.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    I also see that your mother, like fine, had a lot to do with fostering your interest in Bond. I'm sure you miss her very much.

    She certainly did @Birdleson, it's a shame I can't do it anymore. She had many years left, or should have done, but at 59 I lost her. I did go and visit her after Spectre and told her all about it. I could hear words, in my head, of how Connery is the better. She certainly helped my interest in 007.

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    I had seen some of them before but never very consciously as I was too young. I remember TSWLM when I was on a ski holiday but that was dubbed in French so won't be counting that one.

    The World Is Not Enough - home video, with my brother (2000), the start of my Bond enthusiasm which would later make me a film fan all together

    Dr. No - Tomorrow Never Dies - the orange/black VHS collection, either alone or with my brother (2000-2001), remember fighting with my brother which one to watch first: OHMSS or MR.

    Die Another Day
    - at the cinema, again with my brother and a mate of his (2002), upon leaving the theatre an elderly man said to his relatives: 'These films used to be a lot more exciting.'

    Casino Royale - at the cinema, with a few friends from secondary education (2006), still the best Bond film I've seen in theatres

    Quantum of Solace - at the cinema, with a few friends from secondary education (2008), I remember one them said 'worst Bond film ever', with me replying 'remember DAD?'.

    Skyfall - at the cinema, with friends from university (2012)

    Spectre - at the cinema, with friends from university (2015)
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    GE: On VHS in 2001. Age 10. Alone.
    LTK: On TV in summer 2003, my first discovery that there were other actors who played James Bond. Age 12. Alone.
    TMWTGG/TSWLM/MR: On VHS in summer 2003 thanks to my uncle who was a massive Bond fan. Age 12. Alone.
    DN/FRWL/GF/TB/YOLT/OHMSS/DAF/LALD/FYEO/OP/AVTAK/TLD/TWINE: Around late 2003 / late 2004 when I collected the DVD's in an ongoing collection at my local newspaper store (1 new Bond film every 2 weeks in this DVD collection.) Age 12-13. Alone.
    TND/DAD: On DVD thanks to my uncle, I just couldn't wait to watch more Brosnan outings before the collection I was buying reached those 2 films. Age 13. Alone.
    CR: Cinema, November 24th 2006. Age 15. With my mother (she has seen every Bond film in cinema since DN. Now she discovers the latest outings with me.).
    QOS: Cinema, October 31st 2008. Age 17. With my mother.
    SF: Cinema, 26th October 2012. Age 21. With my mother.
    SP: Cinema, 11th November 2015. Age 24. With my mother.

    Even though I spent half my life in Canada, I have never seen a Bond film there. All my Bond viewings took place in France (I hold dual-citizenship).
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    Great debut double bill there @Birdleson

    The Living Daylights 1987 - Embassy, Whanganui, New Zealand. Aged 12. Cycled down to the bottom of town and watched it with my younger sister. Words cannot describe how much this meant to me. First Bond film in cinema I believe.

    Licence To Kill 1989 - Embassy, Whanganui, New Zealand. Aged 14. Watched with friends. For some reason I don't remember this experience too vividly. But I really loved it and especially remember watching this often while on first release VHS. Between 87-90 was really height of my first wave of Bond fever. That delay until, especially 92 to 95 my fandom when a little dormant.

    Goldeneye 1995 - Hamilton Cinema 8, New Zealand. Aged 20. Watched with friends. I remember being amped for this, but disappointed that Dalton wasn't there.

    Tomorrow Never Dies 1997 - Auckland, New Zealand. Aged 22. (Think I watched this one alone) another I don't have vivid memories of. Had lots of other things going on in this year. And I remember not quite being convinced by Brosnan.

    The World Is Not Enough 1999 - Auckland, New Zealand Aged 24. Watched with friends. Quite enjoyed this on initial viewing. Don't really remember the viewing experience too well though.

    Die Another Day 2002 - Civic Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand Aged 27. My sister and I attended the NZ Premiere at this iconic theatre that had a red carpet with the director and actor portraying 'Mr Kill' in attendance.

    Casino Royale 2006 - Event Cinemas, Auckland, New Zealand. Aged 31. Pretty sure this was alone. And the one I truly regret only seeing once on the big screen. I was so excited for this beforehand and blown away by it. I was one of the only people I knew who thought Craig was great casting before the film was released.

    Quantum of Solace 2008 - Event Cinemas, Auckland. Aged 33. Pretty sure alone for this one too. Was a little disappointed but I also remember enjoying this one. And it's wrapped up with the PS3 game of the same title for me - which I enjoyed playing.

    Skyfall 2012 - Event Cinemas, Auckland. Aged 37 Saw this twice, once with my sister, second time alone. Remember being hungover the second time because it was on New Year's Day! Loved it both times. The ending had me so happy and excited. Skyfall got me right back in to full swing bond fever again. And it hasn't abated this time!

    Spectre 2015 - Berkley Cinemas, Auckland. Aged 40. Saw this with the love of my life! Packed cinema on opening night with an enthusiastic audience. I really enjoyed so many moments of Spectre on first viewing. But the ending of it left me a little cold coming out of the cinema. But I was planning to go back again for a second viewing and it never materialised. That was a sign that maybe it hadn't quite resonated like Skyfall for me.
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    Octopussy, NSNA, TLD, LTK:

    Bournemouth, UK.
    OP and NSNA with my father. TLD and LTK with my soccer buddies from Bournemouth Youth Division.

    GoldenEye to Skyfall:

    Zurich, Switzerland, various cinemas.
    First viewings always with my 4 brothers-in-arms (special ops unit, para-scout recon)

    -Zurich, Swiss Premiere with Mr Bautista and Mrs Harris.
    -Cinema Complex where I live with my brothers-in-arms, one of them actually built and owns the thing.

    I have seen most of the Bond movies several times, the most must be The Living Daylights, GoldenEye and Spectre. The record is Spectre 13 viewings.
    I even watched dull as dishwater Skyfall three times.
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    As far as I know, this is the order I saw them all:

    Moonraker - cinema, June or July 1979 (aged 7, with mum)
    Goldfinger - 25/12/1979 ITV broadcast (with parents, grandparents etc)
    LALD - 20/01/1980 1st ITV broadcast
    OHMSS - 06/09/1980 ITV broadcast
    TMWTGG - 25/12/1980 1st ITV broadcast
    DAF - 15/03/1981 ITV broadcast
    FYEO - cinema, June or July 1981 (with mum and probably sister)
    Dr No - 25/12/1981 ITV broadcast
    TSWLM - 28/03/1982 1st ITV broadcast
    FRWL - 31/10/1982 ITV broadcast
    Octopussy - cinema, September 1983 (Butlins holiday camp, with sister)
    Thunderball - 02/01/1984 ITV broadcast
    YOLT - 08/01/1984 ITV broadcast
    AVTAK - cinema, June or July 1985 (don't remember who with)
    TLD - rental video release 1988
    LTK - 03/01/1994 1st ITV broadcast
    Goldeneye - 10/03/1999 1st ITV broadcast
    TND - 13/10/1999 1st ITV broadcast
    TWINE - cinema, Nov or Dec 1999 (with a couple of mates and for free as the manager was another mate)
    DAD - cinema, November 2002 (I still want my money back)
    CR - cinema, November 2006
    QOS - cinema, November 2008
    Skyfall - cinema, November 2012
    Spectre - cinema, October 2015 (3rd day of opening at a late showing with about 10 other people)

    I think that's all correct. As well as all of those I would have seen all the ITV first runs and repeat broadcasts of each film throughout the 80's and into the 90's too.
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    Glad to see so many participating.
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    Dr. No - Tomorrow Never Dies at home on ITV in 1999 before the world is not enough was released
    The world is not enough - local cinema for my friends birthday
    Die another day - local cinema on opening night with dad, if I remember correctly it was packed full
    Casino royale and quantum of solace- local cinema with my then girlfriend now wife
    Skyfall and spectre- odyssey cinema in Belfast in the vip seats (big comfy recliner sofas) with my wife
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    MOONRAKER- 1979, cinema with my folks. I was a wee lad.
    TSWLM- HBO around 1980 with my Dad several viewings
    DAF- ABC around 1980- I only remember Sean's intro.
    FRWL-ABC around 1980 I remember Grant's ankle holster
    DR NO- ABC showing June of 1983- watched it with my mom and a few of my Dad's friends.
    OP- June 1983 cinema with my folks. My Dad remarked how much action there was and how light Roger's hair looked.
    TB- ABC Sunday Night movie Sept-1983. They cut the GB, and jet pack. After killing Bouvard, 007 immediately gets into the Aston Martin. My Dad was pissed.
    NSNA- October 1983 on a bright Fall Saturday matinee with my folks. The transmission in my Dad's car was going bad. Tons of swearing just to get to the cinema in time for the beginning.
    FYEO- November premiere showing on ABC, although I had caught the PTS on Showtime a year before.
    GF- December airing on ABC- The GB and PTS was cut.
    YOLT- March 1985 airing on ABC- very little was trimmed and I watched it with my Dad.
    AVTAK- May 1985 caught a Sunday matinee with my folks at a shopping mall theatre. The line was huge. My Mom HATED the scene of Zorin slaughtering the mine workers. Dad thought the film was great.
    OHMSS- ABC Sunday Night airing Sept 1st 1985. My first time seeing George. I loved it. It wasn't the infamous re-edit, but still heavily cut.
    LALD- Rented the CBS/Fox edition in December of 1985. I loved it!
    TMWTGG- Rented the the CBS/Fox edition about a week later.
    TLD- Opening day matinee at the Coliseum Theatre- I went alone to the movies for the first time.
    LTK- Another opening day matinee
    GE- Opening Day matinee I went right after drama class and before theatre rehearsal.
    TND Opening night saw with a large group of friends
    TWINE- Was going to see with a group opening night but the 7pm showings were sold out. I treated my Dad to a midnight showing- we walked downtown in the middle of the night to see it.
    DAD- Saw opening night with a group of friends
    CR- Saw a matinee with a buddy opening day and saw the 7pm showing with another friend.
    QOS- Opening night caught with a group of friends.
    SF- Caught a press screening with a couple friends. Legendary film critic Michael Medved sat in front of us making a ton of noise.
    SP- Caught a matinee alone opening day then a 7pm showing with a couple old friends.
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    Birdleson wrote:
    A VIEW TO A KILL - 1985, Theatre, Syracuse, NY, Age 22, Alone.

    Which cinema? My parents took me to see A VIEW TO A KILL at the Penn-Can Mall in Cicero, just north of Syracuse. I was 6 years old.

    My dad rented the Connery movies for me when I was a kid, so I saw almost all of them through the CBS/Fox videos. Some of the Moore movies I saw through the CBS/Fox videos, and some recorded off the ABC Sunday Night Movie (like THE SPY WHO LOVED ME and OCTOPUSSY).

    Viewed in the cinema (in addition to AVTAK):

    NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN - Genesee Theatre, Syracuse. My dad and my brother brought me. I was 4.

    THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - Poughkeepsie, NY area, at a shopping mall cinema. Again, with my dad and brother.

    LICENSE TO KILL - Saw this on my birthday at the Fayetteville Mall (Syracuse area). Hated the movie as a 10-year-old, loved it when I saw it many years later on Blu-Ray.

    GOLDENEYE - Carousel Mall in Syracuse, with my dad.

    TOMORROW NEVER DIES and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - Saw both of these at the Shoppingtown Mall in Syracuse, the first with my dad and the second with a friend from college.

    DIE ANOTHER DAY - Saw this with a friend at the Crossgates Mall in Albany, NY, while attending grad school. A very depressing experience.

    CASINO ROYALE - Also viewed at Crossgates Mall in Albany (with the same friend) at a midnight show. Great fun! Saw it at least three more times in different cinemas in Albany and then in Syracuse (with my parents).

    QUANTUM OF SOLACE - This is the only Bond film I saw in the theatre alone, first at the Waterfront cinemas in Port Chester, NY (just north of NYC), and then again (alone) at a 42nd Street cinema in Manhattan.

    SKYFALL - Viewed with my wife at an AMC cinema in Manhattan. She loved it, I hated it, we had an argument.

    SPECTRE - Viewed in White Plains, NY, with my wife and a friend. I was 36.
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    @Escalus5 , I believe it was at The Carousel Mall, or whichever one was closest to the University. I was attending SU at the time. That's cool. You ever eat at Heides' Hot Dogs?
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    You were 22 in 1985? Wow, you don't look your age at all! I always thought you are maybe 45-ish.
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    I actually turned 23 on Halloween of that year.
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    I can never remember when exactly the films were played, Summer or Autumn? I think it was always in November wasn't it? So I was 11 when I saw AVTAK.

    The PTS and the title sequence impressed me, extremely. The rest is just a blur to be honest, I did go see it only for Duran Duran's song.
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    I had to go back and look, even the double-features have release dates available.
  • MajorDSmytheMajorDSmythe S.A.R.A.H.
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    I don't recall this being done before.

    Unfortunately, I can't remember the first time I saw each film just a handful. Having seen most of them so many times, it's become hard to distinguish the first viewing.

    You Only Live Twice - 1996, on a the newly released 007 Collection VHS tape. Given that it was my dad that bought the tape for me, and was/still is a Bond fan, I probably would have watched it with him. It's likely that I watched DN-TB and OHMSS -GE the same way, at home with my dad, but I am not 100% sure on that. Age: 10.

    Tomorrow Never Dies - 1997, theatrical release. In 1997, that would have been..... that would have been the UCI cinema in Parc Tawe. Watched with my dad. Age: 11.

    The World Is Not Enough - 1999 probably the same as TND. Age: 13.

    Die Another Day - 2002 same as TND & TWINE, except on my own. Age: 16.

    Casino Royale - 2006, theatrical release, same as DAD. Age: 20.

    Quantum Of Solace - 2008, I think by this time, the VUE cinema had opened over in York street, so tried that cinema. Age: 22.

    Skyfall - 2012 Same as QOS. Age: 26.

    Spectre - 2016, watched it on DVD, as my interest took a dip last year. I waited for the DVD, and watched it the week it was released. Watched it on DVD with my dad. Age: 30.
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    Birdleson wrote: »
    @Escalus5 , I believe it was at The Carousel Mall, or whichever one was closest to the University. I was attending SU at the time. That's cool. You ever eat at Heides' Hot Dogs?

    The Carousel Mall didn't open until 1990. You many have seen it at Shoppingtown or possibly even SU (which had a great campus film series at that time).

    Oh yeah, Heid's Hot Dogs in Liverpool! Great stuff.

    AVTAK was a summer film. I think it opened in June in the U.S.

    THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS and LICENSE TO KILL were also summer releases.
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    Escalus5 wrote: »
    SU (which had a great campus film series at that time)..

    They would show great films on campus (pre-VHS), but they were never current films.
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    DN through to YOLT - All on TV at various stages of childhood. Various moments stayed in my memories like the swamp scenes and Dr No's metal hands scraping on the metal as he tries to pull himself up from the reactor. The fight with Oddjob inside Fort Knox was quite a vivid memory as a child. I found TB a bit of a bore so nothing's changed there!

    Saw DAF many years later on TV as a teenager.

    I'd avoided OHMSS because to me Lazenby just wasn't James Bond. It was only when I started to appreciate the books as an adult I finally watched it on VHS, and it really impressed me.

    LALD was the first Bond film I saw at the cinema. My dad took me to see it at the tender age of 6. It scared me half to death and I was convinced Mr Big was actually pulling his face off when he reveals himself to Bond!

    I didn't see another Bond at the cinema until OP when I went with my mum and brother on a bank holiday aged 17. I loved it and decided to catch up with all the Bonds I'd missed. I caught MR and TSWLM on TV and rented FYEO on VHS.

    When video's became available to buy on 'sell through' I got TMWTGG and NSNA and enjoyed them both.

    Saw AVTAK twice at the cinema at my local ABC.

    The best experience was seeing TLD in London at the odeon Leicester Sq age 21. It immediately became one of my favourite Bond films.

    LTK I also saw at Leicester Sq odeon and it was a massive disappointment. I saw it at my local cinema a few days later to see if seeing it again would improve it. It didn't.

    Saw all the Brosnan Bonds at the cinema, GE twice because I loved it and it had been a long wait for a Bond film!

    All the Craig Bonds I've seen with my wife at the cinema. (She quite likes dear Daniel..!)
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    This reminds me of the book Catching Bullets, great idea

    For me

    You Only Live Twice - August 1997 (10 years old)- on ITV, on my own. Saw the trailer on TV after reading a spread on the GoldenEye N64 game in NIntendo Official Magazine
    Octopussy - 1997 (11 years old) - on ITV on my own
    Live and Let Die - 1997 (11 years old) - on ITV on my own
    Dr. No - 1997 (11 years old) - on ITV, on my own
    GoldenEye - January 1998 (11 years old) - bought on VHS with Christmas money, on my own
    From Russia with Love - Spring 1998 - bought on VHS, on my own
    The Man with the Golden Gun - Spring 1998 - bought on VHS, on my own
    The Living Daylights - May 1998 (11 years old) - on ITV on my own, first Bond film I tape off the TV to keep
    Tomorrow Never Dies - June 1998 (11 years old) - rented on VHS on my own, was going to see it December 1997 at the cinema with my grandparents but my Grandma was hospitalised.
    Thunderball - Summer 1998 (11 years old) - on my own, borrowed taped VHS from family friend
    The Spy Who Loved Me - Summer 1998 (11 years old) - on my own, borrowed taped VHS from family friend
    Moonraker - Summer 1998 (11 years old) - on my own, borrowed taped VHS from family friend
    For Your Eyes Only - Summer 1998 (11 years old) - on my own, borrowed taped VHS from family friend
    Licence to Kill - August 1998 (11 years old) - Taped off ITV, on my own
    A View to a Kill - Boxing Day 1998 (12 years old) - with my parents, on ITV
    On Her Majesty's Secret Service - December 1998 (12 years old) - on ITV, on my own
    Goldfinger - February 1999 (12 years old) - rented on VHS, on my own
    Diamonds Are Forever - June 1999 (12 years old), with my brother, on ITV
    The World is Not Enough - December 1999 (13 years old), with my dad, Odeon Cinema, Hull
    Die Another Day - November 2002 (16 years old) - with my dad, Bridlington Forum, Bridlington
    Casino Royale - November 2006 (20 years old) - with a friend, Vue cinema, Lancaster
    Quantum of Solace - November 2008 (22 years old) - with friends, Gala Theatre, Durham
    Skyfall - October 2012 (26 years old) - on my own, Vue Cinema, Lancaster
    Spectre - October 2015 (29 years old) - with friends, Vue Cinema, Lancaster
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    GoldenEye OO7 on the N64 got me started, age 14.
    GoldenEye the movie was the first one I ever saw, on VHS- I LOVED it!! At the time I had no idea there were so many movies; and back then I knew Sean Connery only as 'Indy's dad'.

    That summer of 1997 I rented one Bond movie per week at Blockbuster. Moonraker was the first! I almost didn't rent any more because it was so weird! (For the record, I've come to appreciate it. Just having seen only those 2 movies at the time-- it was a bit much)

    After seeing them all in the most backward order possible, I think the last one I saw was On Her Majesty's Secret Service, because no store around me ever had it.

    Tomorrow Never Dies was the first one I actually saw in the theatre- and of course every one since then!
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    I've always seen a Bond movie on the big-screen as a firsthand experience...

    OHMSS - 1969, Waltham Cross theater, Age 9, with parents.
    THUNDERBALL/DOCTOR NO - 1970, Double-Bill, Edmonton, Age 9, with parents.
    GOLDFINGER/THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR - 1971 Double-Bill, London somewhere, Age 10 with parents
    FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE/GOLDFINGER - 1971 Double-Bill, Waltham Cross theater, aged 10 with parents
    DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER - 1971, Waltham Cross, aged 10 with parents
    YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE- 1971, London somewhere, Age 10 with parents
    LIVE AND LET DIE - 1973, Odeon Leicester Square, age 12 with parents
    THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN - 1974, Waltham Cross, aged 13, alone.
    THE SPY WHO LOVED ME - 1977, Waltham Cross, Age 15, with Friends.
    MOONRAKER - 1979, Odeon Leicester Square, Age 17 with friends
    FOR YOUR EYES ONLY - 1981 Odeon Leicester Square, Age 19, alone
    OCTOPUSSY - 1983, Enfield theater, Age 22 with girlfriend
    NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN - 1983, Enfield theater, Age 22 with girlfriend
    A VIEW TO A KILL - 1985, Odeon Leicester Square, Age 24 with girlfriend
    THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS - 1987, PREMIERE, Odeon Leicester Square, age 25, alone
    LICENCE TO KILL - 1989, Queensway London, aged 27, with friends
    GOLDENEYE - 1995, PRESS SHOWING, Empire Leicester Square, age 30 with friends
    TOMORROW NEVER DIES - 1998, Kensington High Street, age 33 with girlfriend
    THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH - 1999, Kensington High Street, age 34 with girlfriend
    DIE ANOTHER DAY - 2002, Kensington High Street, aged 38 with girlfriend
    CASINO ROYALE - 2006, PRESS SHOWING Odeon Leicester Square, aged 42, alone-ish*
    QUANTUM OF SOLACE - 2008, PRESS SHOWING Odeon Leicester Square, aged 44, alone-ish
    SKYFALL - 2012, Odeon Leicester Square, aged 47, with friend
    SPECTRE - 2015, Bangkok theater Thailand, aged 50, with girlfriend

    The dates and my ages maybe a bit inaccurate due to not remembering exactly all the release dates, but it's close as it'll ever be. This list also doesn't include all the numerous amount of times I went to double-billed Bond movies before they came to television.

    *alone-ish = went with co-workers, but couldn't sit together.
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    All of them except SP: At home, alone, recorded on VHS from 2012. Age 17.

    SP: 2015, Edwards Theater, Valencia CA, alone. Age 20.

    Man that sounds bad. I have friends okay! Really! :D
  • JamesBondKenyaJamesBondKenya God I love Quantum of Solace
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    casino royale. age- 4- Im told I saw this film however I have no recolection. I would have seen it with my dad because he is a massive fan as oppoised to my mom who isnt a fan.

    QOS-age 6- I full remember being in the car with my Dad going to see this. I had a print out of all the showtimes at our local theatre and my dad was asking what time the movie was again, and i said....3 or something... then he asked what it was rated. and i said pg13 and then I said thats good I know some bond movies are R and he replied yeah--.
    I remember him saying that he wasnt super excited for this one becuase apparently it was supposed to be shit according to the reviews. He didnt like it when he came out and I didnt really have an opinion as i was 6. He got the blu ray but we never really watched it again for maybe 3 years when we revisted it and fell in love. anyway back to the first time i saw it- we were in the theatre watching the movie and when it starts with the shot of the water and the land I was thinking. this cant be the movie what the hell is this? a trailer for something? and for the first 2-3 minutes i thought it was a trailer for another film and then my dad whispered to me. Those alfa's are so cool. and I was like ok, is this the movie? Then he told me- yeah its started. Hmmmm maybe if they had a gunbarrel that would have cleared up my confusion...

    SKYFALL: age- 10. I was so excited for this film It had been 4 years and I felt like it had taken my whole life to come out. from age 6-10 I was just confused why they had stopped making bond films. my dad said something about mgm going bankrupt but i didnt really understandat the time:so i decided. fine. ill make my own james bond film. so at age 7 my dad bought me a camera for my birthday and me and my friinds went every weekend to the local park behind our school to shoot: "Shoot to kill"- the sequel to QOS. we had no idea what we were doing but I still have some of the footage left its hilariously bad. we never finished the film but rather recorded abunch of unconnected scenes. then eventually after 20 years skyfall came out. and my dad picked me up early from school, we went to the theatre like 3 hours early and stood in the line and I was so excited. And as a kid it was fine in my mind. I was upset it had nothing to do with quantum and I thought it was a bit broing in parts but I still liked it. Over the next year-rewatching it many times- that opinion drastically changed

    SPECTRE: God I was so pumped for this movie. I followed the production like a hawk. I would search spectre on google and then turn it to most recent articles in hope to get tidbit news. I had the news coming on applenews as well as checking 4 times a day with mi6 hq and then when we were 3 months out i started checking YouTube 4 times a day under recently uploaded "spectre tv spots" hoping to even find a frame of extra footage. All very strange and it ended up spoiling the film for me as the bloody British get it 2 weeks ahead so a bunch of spoilers came too. I watched it at the same theatre with my dad and sister this time(she was 10) and we watched it in imax first time. And i really really liked it. I came out going well that was so good it was on level with QOS another fav of mine. That would change. I was ~13 when this came out. I remember skipping 6th period so me and my dad could get to the theatre early.

    I will be 17 when B25 comes out and I wish to stay spoiler free this time. But 2 years is a long time. I dont know how possible that will be
  • Last_Rat_StandingLast_Rat_Standing South Florida
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    GoldenEye with my brother. November of 1999 . It was the Saturday night movie on NBC and was just astonished because of all the time I spent playing the game. I tried recording it on a blank VHS tape but the VCR was programmed incorrectly and I almost cried when I found out. But luckily i had a gift card to a movie store and I bought it shortly after
  • QsAssistantQsAssistant All those moments lost in time... like tears in rain
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    My first Bond film was Goldfinger on TV at my house, by myself, during a marathon of Rocky and James Bond movies. It was called "The Rocky Balboa vs James Bond Marathon." I think I was about 12 or 13 years old. So that would've been anywhere from 2000 to 2002.
    After realizing that I loved the film my parents bought me a few of Bond movies on VHS for my birthday. I believe they were From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, GoldenEye, and Tomorrow Never Dies.
    After that they released the Ultimate Editions on DVD and I bought those and binged watched all of them.
    Die Another Day in 2002 (Age:14) with my cousins at a Dickinson theater.
    Casino Royale in 2006 (Age:17) at my local AMC Theater by myself.
    Quantum of Solace in 2008 (Age: 19) at my local AMC Theater by myself.
    Skyfall in 2012 (Age:22) with my cousins at a Cineamark theater.
    SPECTRE in 2015 (Age:25) with my cousins at my local AMC Theater.
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