A Raoul Silva/SPECTRE connection, based on this.....?



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    White being Blofeld sounds like a terrible idea. About as bad as the fan idea of Monica Bellucci being the real Blofeld. The thing I would do differently with SPECTRE is take out the brother angle (as it's very oddly inconsequential to the story and characters) and have Hinx be there for the MI6 climax for Bond to fight during the countdown to the place being obliterated.

    I like White as he's used. He's not some great evil for Bond to overcome. He's a sneaky henchman who's been working for a boss hidden in the shadows, who we don't learn until then that his boss is Blofeld.
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    One of these days when I get round to finishing it I'll post my alternative version of SPECTRE.

    It kicks off as I said in my previous post recently with White being in Mexico and the reason why Sciarra is there to take him out and Bond stops this which he won't find out till he meets White in Austria.

    Denbigh or someone like him appears but instead he's an old friend of Mallory's and M gets totally taken in by his scheme, Haines figures as well and the upshot is that Bond actually ends up exposing it all going rogue and saves MI6 and M's credibility, no brothergate, no evidence from Skyfall and White's involvement while not extended too much drives the plot a lot more significantly and the brother element can be tackled but with White and ESB.

    The films big climax ends with Bond letting M & MI6 knowing where the Morocco base is and it ends with an SAS troop turning up and alongside Bond taking down Blofeld's scheme, big battle.

    There is a return to London but it would be Bond exposing Haines for who he is but rather than shooting him he hands him over to the authorities.

    Blofeld ends supposedly dead in the Morocco climax with a hint he survived and with an opportunity to be bought back later if desired. The whole arc that started in CR is bought to a close and Bond can get on with being Bond and M and Bond know where they stand come the next film and we can get the same relationship that the previous era had between Bond and M with Mallory and Bond.

    Look I'm no script writer and of course there is more to it than this but this a hint at where I envisaged it could have gone.
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