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  • jake24
    A fellow Torontonian?
    January 21
  • chrisisall
    Okay, BE a fucking asshole. Whatever.
    November 2016
    • bondjames
      Sorry, that's what you've been doing. Perhaps you don't realize it. It's not my style to be whatever you called me, but you've certainly earned the monicker
    • Murdock
      Stop it both of you. Stop it. You're like...boys with toys.
  • ClarkDevlin
    Hey there, mate. Stopped by here in order not to derail that thread. Regarding Transporter: The Series, if you're looking for a first great impression moment from the actor, try either of the first season episodes: "The General's Daughter", "Trojan Horsepower", or "Chercez La Femme" (my personal favourite). The latter, especially, will do the trick as it's the most film-like episode in the series.
    November 2016
    • bondjames
      Sorry, I missed your post yesterday. Thanks for letting me know about Transporter. I will try to search out those episodes. I really liked the films so I'm sure I'll enjoy these.
    • ClarkDevlin
      No problem. Glad I can help. One thing I'll also tell you though is not to look at it the way you view the films. It's not that over-the-top. Approach it with a TV Series medium instead, and it'll work better.
  • patb
    Even though I enjoy reading all of the posts, over the years, I have come to respect (and mostly agree) with the views of a handful of members and you are in that list. I tend to get the picture that we like the same type of Bond an appreciate more grown up movies etc.
    On that basis, IF, you have the time, please take a look at the Bond screenplay that I recently posted in "fan creations", only one review so far but he says its "the best fan fiction he has ever read" which is nice , nothing is perfect. 80 pages is a big effort and I get the impression that you have a busy life but if you can spare the time, I would be very interested in your thoughts (it is based after SF), cheers Pat
    August 2016
  • Sark
    We seem to think alike on a lot of things!
    December 2014