Daniel Craig's "Skyfall" Barnet Fair, Hair
  • BentleyBentley
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    Fellow Agents,
    Having just seen the "Skyfall" trailer on the big screen (it showed with "The Bourne Legacy" — great movie by the way)I have to say, I was very shocked by Daniel Craig's haircut. Frankly, it looked like it had been done with a knife and fork and makes him look less than his normal glamorous self.
    I know we are going for a more realistic tough look but that shouldn't mean that his Barnet is sabotaged in this way. It was fine in TGWTDT
    Maybe it's part of the plot?
  • SandySandy
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    I personally think it's fine but if you really want to discuss it there used to be a hair thread. Does someone know where it is?
  • RogueAgentRogueAgent
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    Not this again! X_X MODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  • doubleoegodoubleoego
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    His hair is fine.
  • RC7RC7
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    Kill me in the face.
  • Artemis81Artemis81
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    I think it's a bit shorter than I like (I thought his hair is CR was best), but it looks fine.
  • Never thought I'd have to say this, but we actually have a thread about Craigs hair.


    I think his new shorter hair makes him look older to be honest.
  • doubleoegodoubleoego
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    If Craig looks older it's because he is. It's been 4 years since QoS and 6 since CR. Some of you are acting as though CR only came out last year or something.

  • BennyBenny
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    And it's a wrap.
    As you can see, this has already been discussed. So no need to have another thread.

    Lockety locked.
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