James Bond autographs

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I made a small canvas with a few of my autographs the other day, for my new room, I think it turned out pretty good.

Clicky here for a photo of it

Craig surrounded by some beautiful women :X


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    Rather nice Disco. You lucky thing. If you have anymore autographs please post them all. I get the feeling you have quite a collection?
  • Yes I have genuine autographs from 35 Bond actors and actresses, many of them personalized for me :)

    If you want to see them @Samuel, you can check them out on my old ugly homepage here

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    That's a great collection you have Disco, thanks for linking me to them. A good idea you kept you site, it's a great place to store everything.
  • That's very impressive. I remember coming to you for help many years ago when you were building this collection.

    Where's Isa?
  • WOW @Disco. I'm glad(for you and for me) that you don't have a Connery autograph. I'm in no mood to go to the slammer for B&E.
  • Hehe yes I guess so @0Brady.

    Where's Isa?

    On my most wanted list.. =((
  • Aww, sorry Disco I was sure you had her already.
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    Joking aside, I seriously envy you @Disco. *I start crying* :-| :-S :'(
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    Nice work Disco, very nice!
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    I have quite a few autographs including:

    Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Dianna Rigg, Desmond Llewelyn, Cary Lowell, Honor Blackman, Richard Kiel, Lois Maxwell with George Lazenby, and Claudine Auger. Still looking for Daniel Craigs and Eva Green though. ;-)

    I had photos of my entire collection on the old forum, but don't know where I saved the photos.
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    I have quite a few autographs including:

    Sean Connery

    :O I"M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you get to speak with him?!
  • no I am afraid not.
  • said:

    no I am afraid not.

    I still envy the heck out of you @WillardWhyte. You are a lucky guy.

  • Its a good collection, but if you get the chance ask Disco about his collection. On the old forum he provided a link to a website that listed most of his photos and most of them were signed to him. I wish more of my collection was personalized to me, but alas I will take what I can get. ;-)
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    Its a good collection, but if you get the chance ask Disco about his collection. On the old forum he provided a link to a website that listed most of his photos and most of them were signed to him. I wish more of my collection was personalized to me, but alas I will take what I can get. ;-)

    I've seen it, and told him how envious I was of his Eva Green autograph. Ahhh :X
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  • Well the stills I have personally signed include Britt Ekland, Jack Klaff, John Wyman, Shane Rimmer, Shirley Eaton, & both Peter Lamont & Anthony Waye personally signed my small pocket size guide to James Bond book.

    I met all of the above at Pinewood Bondstars party 2011.

    I have Donald Pleasance & Joe Don Baker signed stills but they were a gift I got 14 years ago.
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    I have my Skyfall signed poster, I'm getting a Thunderball signed poster, and I have a Goldfinger and QOS poster as well. What about you guys?

    I have a signed Asian 'Spy Who Loved Me' from Sir Roger along with a photo of the two of us together. I have it framed on my wall. Very happy and proud of it.
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    Cool! @supes007. I met the cast of SFat the premiere in London
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    Just out of curiosity, @007Skyfall, who has signed your SF poster and what signatures will you have on your TB poster?
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    About 10 years ago now my Dad went on a golfing holiday to Majorca with a friend who told him that Guy Hamilton is a regular at the club they were going to be visiting. So my Dad took my special edition DVD's of GF, DAF, LALD and TMWTGG with him and Hamilton signed them for me.

    I was thrilled of course, but the next year when my Dad went back Guy Hamilton was there again and he gave my Dad a couple more things to give to me. One was a very nice glossy signed picture of Hamilton (which I now have framed along with the disc of LALD he signed) and the other was his own personal DVD of 'Battle of Britain' (the cover was tatty and appears to have been glued to the actual case but still, I was a happy chap!).

    My Dad told me Hamilton was a really nice guy and was very chatty and they talked a bit about golf (but not Bond to my annoyance!) and apparently Guy was a bit upset with the club because they were suggesting, due to his age, he play from the ladies tees instead of the mens!
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    Ohh myy god @calvindyson I have watched all your youtube videos and am A HUGE fan. I think you are a great reviewer and watched your bond memorabilia video a while back. Thanks for responding!
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    What a great story! You're very fortunate and I'm thrilled you took advantage @calvindyson.
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    @samuel001 if u haven't look up @calvidyson on youtube. He has a plethora of amazing bond videos
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    @bondsum DC, Judi Dench, Albert finney, Ralph fiennes, Javier bardem, Ben whishaw, Naomi Harris, rory kinnear,Berenice marlohe. TB- Sean connery, Lucianna paluzza, Claudine auger, Lois maxwell, and Molly peters
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    Thanks @007Skyfall for your kind words! How on earth did you get Sean Connery's autograph? The Skyfall poster is incredible!
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    My grandpa worked at the hotel the cast and crew stayed at in the Bahamas, he had gotten a copy of the poster and had the cast and crew sign it. He told me how crazy it was being around connery and how chance it was he got his autograph. The rest of the cast was muh easier but now he is moving back to Nassau from London so he is giving me the TB poster as a going away present.
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    Yeah @calvindyson I got most at the skyfall premiere but couldn't get Mendes. He didn't sign very much :(
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